Home Technology Steam users can download and keep 6 free games right now – G

Steam users can download and keep 6 free games right now – G

Steam users can download and keep 6 free games right now – G


Latest Technology News: Steam users can download and keep 6 free games right now – G

It’s another day, which means there’s another batch of free Steam goodies to download and keep forever.

Whether it’s a temporary free game in early access, a free title, or a AAA heavy hitter at 100% off, free video games are something not to be sniffed at, especially during the current cost of living crisis.

Check out the Steam Deck trailer below!

So what free Steam PC games are available right now, I hear you ask? In total, we have six more free games that include a deadly card game, a roguelike-inspired fantasy RPG, a single-player adventure RPG, as well as a unique strategy RPG, a cooperative horror game, and a high-octane FPS.

Below are the latest free games you can download now on Steam and keep forever:

In The cards have been dealt: Prologue You: Wander haunted halls as an office temp and collect magic cards with supernatural abilities to battle demons and save the office from being dragged to hell in this upcoming horror, deck-building, and roguelike game.

Chrono Rift is: a multiplayer online cooperative game with fantasy, action and roguelike elements. Defend the world from monster invasions caused by mysterious breaches and uncover the truth behind the phenomenon.

The path of the warriors is a single-player RPG focused on your decisions in many different events. These decisions can have long term effects on other events. Prepare your character for fierce battles with different crafting skills. How long can you walk the path of the warrior? What’s your story?

Saikyo Robots: Prologue is: real-time strategy meets Roguelike. pikmine meets vampire survivor. Command an army of robots to fight, gather, produce and more. Upgrade your base and your robots to make it the most powerful army ever! Explore the wasteland during the day. Survive the relentless attacks of the Night King to win!

In co-op survival horror game, Moonflower (Alpha)you are taken to an: abandoned forest island, where the known demon “Moonflower” is located and players will have to block it to the maximum / hunt it via an underground laboratory.

Finally, in tower guardian: Boots to the ground while shooting above the cloud! tower guardian is an FPS Arena. Equip weapons of your choice, shape the flow of battle with a selection of abilities and perks, dominate your enemies with map control, and create an artistic fighting style to become the Anime sniper.

If you’re worried that any of the free video games above have an expiration date, then fear not. Although some are in early access, they will remain free for the foreseeable future.


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