Latest Technology News: Squirtle (Pokemon Wordle) Answers and Tips for July 25, 202

Squirdle can be a fun way to pass the time for Pokemon fans who love a good guessing game. It mixes up Wordle’s deduction, but instead of determining a certain word, fans are tasked with discovering the identity of a specific Pocket Monster. Moreover, it has a free mode and a daily challenge.

For the daily challenge, Pokemon fans have a total of eight guesses every 24 hours to determine which mysterious creature is selected for the day. On July 25, like any other day, participants will need to use the clues provided after each guess to come to the final conclusion on the daily solution.

But what is the Pokémon of the day for Squirdle on July 25, 2023? Fans might want to take a look at the original generation of Pocket Monsters for the answer.

Squirdle Daily Pokemon response for July 25: Magnemite

Known as Magnet Pokemon, Magnemite debuted in the first generation of Pocket Monsters games when the original red and green versions were released in Japan. This electric/steel type creature has the power over gravity and magnetism, giving it the ability to float in the air.

Originally, Magnemite could only evolve into Magneton when he reached level 30. However, in Generation IV, Magneton gained the ability to evolve into Magnezone when he levels up in a magnetized area or is exposed to a Thunder Stone. Either way, the Pocket Monster has come a long way since the two original Pokemon titles.

Oddly enough, even though Magnemite has the ability to hover in the air, it doesn’t have access to the Levitation ability. This means the creature can still be affected by Ground-type moves. However, he eventually gains the Magnet Rise move, which will shield him from Earth-type attacks for five combat rounds.

In the Johto region, Magnemite is known to float around the Moomoo farm, highlighting the creature’s partial inspiration from the concept of UFOs and aliens. This was cemented when Magnezone arrived in Generation IV, as the creature is very clearly inspired by the traditional concept of “flying saucers” in classic sci-fi media.

Squirdle Daily Pokemon tips for July 25

In case fans don’t want to use the answer during the daily Squirdle challenge, it is possible to use in-game hints provided after each guess to determine the answer.

Squirdle keeps track of a creature’s original generation and elemental type(s), as well as its average height and weight. Using this information, players can determine the identity of the mysterious July 25 Pocket Monster by refining their guesses based on the following parameters:

  • This species is of generation I
  • This creature is an electric/steel type.
  • It has a height of 0.3 meters
  • He also has a weight of six kilograms

However players arrive at the final answer in Squirdle, they’ll want to do it in less than eight guesses. Otherwise, they will miss the opportunity to win on July 25 and their daily streak will be reset.

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