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RotationSukanya Verma thinks the rather old-fashioned and vanilla portrayal of the Native American lifestyle is a little out of place.

Animation or live action, Disney’s latest business model harnesses the power of storytelling about young people from different countries and cultures.

The more representative the audience feels, the better for trading.

But his formula is essentially the same—a sweet, soft-hearted teenager whose dreams are challenged by circumstances until a surge of inspiration and a dash of determination catapults her to a moment of triumph.

Rotationdirected by Manjari Makidjani (the late veteran actor Mac Mohan is her father), is a numbers-based teen drama centered on Rhea (Avantika).

She is a motherless American Indian girl who lends a helping hand to her restaurateur dad (Abhay Deol) when she fails to impress a teacher with her coding skills, basking in the support of her nerd friends (Anna Cathcart, Jabril Cook, Kerry Madders) by saving her eyebrows. from being plucked by her flirtatious grandmother (Mira Sial) and disapproving of her younger brother’s (Arian Simhadri) adventurous recipes.

Having inherited an ear for music from her mom, Rhea’s gift gets a boost from handsome classmate and aspiring disc jockey Max (Michael Bishop).

When a Holi Color Festival themed event at school gives them a reason to bond over beats, she offers her input while he teaches her the basics of DJing.

Just when Rotation seems to be heading in the direction of teenage romance, the creators understand the need for conflict and come up with a couple of contrived scenarios where Rhea’s father appears as her employer and Max is a completely different person.

While this is a relief, how undramatic are the confrontations and complications in Rotation it seems his rather old-fashioned and vanilla portrayal of the Indian-American lifestyle is a bit of a bummer, especially after Devi’s brash and brash manner in the Netflix series. Never I neverRefreshing sincerity about the teenage crisis.

As fun as it is to watch Mira Sial start dancing against Rajesh Roshan’s 1980 number, her character’s free-spirited, fun-loving parenting style needs some more screen time and hiss. If only Rotation showed half her wit and selflessness, it wouldn’t look like mediocrity.

Also, for a film based on music, Rotation awful fresh.

Random sitar riffs and slow-paced Hindi lyrics paired with a name as trite as Rhea’s family restaurant, Spirit of India.

It lacks both rhythm and romance.

If any sparks should fly between Rhea’s father and the teacher, they are not visible.

Abhay Deol is a cute actor but in Rotationthe man is terribly prim and ignorant, playing the father of two energetic children.

None of Rhea’s friends notice their presence either.

This is a complete Avantika show and the 16 year old California native resembling a young Bhagyashri owns it. Match that cheerful smile, sparkling confidence and reasonable virginity next to Devi’s mischief, and we will have a great couple.

Spin streams on Disney Hotstar.

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