AMC Theaters CEO Adam Aron and “The sound of freedom“Distributor Angel Studios has teamed up to quell a boycott against the show chain over the release of Jim Caviezel’s action flick. Social media users have accused AMC of deliberately disrupting screenings of “Sound of Freedom” following accusations that the hit film fuels QAnon conspiracy theories (Rolling Stone, for example, slammed “Sound of Freedom” as a “QAnon-tinged thriller”). Claims include AMC canceling screenings and disrupting schedules with technical difficulties and broken air conditioning.

“Unfortunately, conspiracy theorists are so prevalent in America. So much garbage information is out there,” Aron wrote on Twitter. “Over ONE MILLION people have watched ‘Sound of Freedom’ at AMC theatres. More than at any other theater chain on the planet. Yet people falsely claim otherwise. It’s so outrageous. ”

Written and directed by Alejandro Monteverde, “Sound of Freedom” is based on the true story of Tim Ballard. ‘The Passion of the Christ’ star Caviezel plays a former government agent who embarks on a mission to save children from sex traffickers in Colombia. Mira Sorvino and Bill Camp co-starred.

“The Sound of Freedom” proved to be an unexpected success at the box office since its release on July 4. The film had an opening day gross of $14.2 million, and it went on to earn an additional $18.2 million in its first weekend. “Sound of Freedom” took second place at the Wednesday, July 12 box office, just behind Tom Cruise’s “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One.” Its current gross is just over $53 million.

Angel Studios was behind the release of “Sound of Freedom” and used a “Pay It Forward” app to encourage moviegoers to purchase tickets for others to see the film. Approximately $2.6 million in opening day sales were made through this method. The studio released a statement telling fans that AMC supports “Sound of Freedom.”

“We understand that there are rumors – primarily on social media – that AMC Theaters have made it difficult for fans to see ‘Sound of Freedom’ in local AMC Theaters, and we want to make it clear that those rumors aren’t accurate,” Angel Studios’ head of theatrical distribution Brandon Purdie said. “AMC has been an outstanding partner for Angel Studios, and in fact, due to the film’s performance and consumer demand, AMC has agreed to add additional screens for ‘Sound of Freedom’ this weekend.”

Purdie added, “Angel Studios and the producers of ‘Sound of Freedom’ are asking our fans to support AMC and all of our other theatrical partners. Summer is the busiest season for people working in theaters, so we’re asking to anyone attending a screening of “Sound of Freedom” to show kindness to their local theater staff. We have the best moviegoers in the business. Let’s continue to show theaters the love that Angel supporters are known for. . »

Angel Studios reports that more than 450 new theaters will screen “Sound of Freedom” starting June 14.