Google has opened waiting lists for its latest labs, including Search Laboratories, Tailwind projectAnd MusicLM. If you missed Google I/O the keynote in which Google highlighted each of these new projects, let me fill you in on the action.

Search Labs is a combination of a lot of different things, but for starters, there’s SGE (Search Generative Experience), which provides AI-based reviews and follow-up suggestions, as well as “Add to Sheet” labels and coding tips for developers. For all busy professionals there is Workspace Laboratories which introduces artificial intelligence into the Workspace, such as writing sentences in Google Docs and Gmail.

Personally, two projects caught my attention: Project Tailwind and MusicLM. Tailwind is an AI notebook powered by users’ own notes and sources, while MusicLM can turn text descriptions into listenable music tracks.


Follow the links below to be placed on the waiting list. I hope Google starts adding people quickly. I really need access to MusicLM right now.

// Google [2]


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