T-Mobile introduced the new Go5G wireless plans last week and has since launched them for those interested in upgrading to the latest of the new plans. The question is – must are you moving to a Go5G plan or staying with Magenta?

We talked in detail about each plan last week in an article you should review. We’ve highlighted most of the differences between the current Magenta and Magenta Max plans and the new Go5G and Go5G options. Our initial reaction was that there were few changes from old to new, but you would definitely pay more if you switched without any meaningful benefit, unless you use a lot of data in hotspots or travel to Mexico or Canada on a regular basis. .

Now that the plans are in place, we can do a head-to-head comparison in T-Mobile’s own “compare our plans” tool to see how similar (or different) the new Go5G and Magenta plans are. I think you’ll see right away that the $5/month increase on single lines really only gets you a couple of upgrades, but the rest stays the same.

Go5G vs Magenta

T-Mobile Go5G vs Magenta

To recap the differences between Go5G and Magenta, the biggest update comes with mobile hotspot data, where you’ll get 15GB of high-speed data to use each month before moving to 3G speeds. The older Magenta plan has 5 GB of high speed data on the hotspot. The only other change is an increase in Mexico/Canada data from 5 GB to 10 GB. There are no other changes.

So is it worth switching to Go5G with Magenta? Only if you really need more hotspot data or travel regularly to Mexico or Canada.

Go5G Plus vs Magenta Max

T-Mobile Go5G Plus vs Magenta Max

If we compare the differences between Go5G Plus and Magenta Max, then it’s really the same story. For mobile hotspot data, you get an increase to 50 GB per month from 40 GB, and a data increase in Mexico/Canada to 15 GB from 5 GB.

The only other change is the “New in Two” initiative that T-Mobile is pushing alongside Go5G Plus. The idea here is that Go5G Plus subscribers can upgrade to a new phone every two years, which should be in contrast to Verizon and AT&T, which currently basically force customers into monthly device billing contracts for 3 years. The fact is that Magenta Max customers (at least currently) also do not sign 3-year device contracts and can upgrade after 2 years. This “change” is more of a marketing ploy than a real benefit. It also probably means that they are going to move everything else to three-year contracts.

So should you switch to Go5G Plus from Magenta Max? Probably not, except for the same reason we mentioned earlier with Go5G and Magenta.

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