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Sherny doesn’t turn you on, but…

Sherny doesn’t turn you on, but…


Vidya Balan and director Amit V. Masurkar working together is reason enough to be excited about this. Sherneynotes Mumita Bhattacharjee.

The fact is that Sherney Director Amit V. Masurkar is the man behind Newton is reason enough to be excited about the trailer.

In addition, there is Vidya Balan, who knows how to pick up unique stories.

While the trailer doesn’t spark interest for the film, you’ll want to watch it when it airs on Amazon Prime Video on June 18 because Masurkar won’t disappoint.

Vidya plays a tormented forester tasked with capturing a man-eating tigress.

But it’s not as easy as it seems.

While the tigress eludes capture, artificial and natural obstacles become her biggest obstacles.

Will she get the tigress or the one who uses the hunt at his own expense?

In the films of Masurkar, the forest and its tribes are clearly felt.

Newton it was so Sherney. This makes these films extremely grounded.

What starts as a tiger hunt turns into an administrative hurdle in which everyone participates for their own benefit.

This leads us to believe that the film will have a trajectory that will attempt to show many aspects of the story.

What also works here is that little is known about Sherney’s story, so the trailer looks pretty fresh.

Bureaucracy interfering with forest resources is a story we’ve seen in several films. Recalcitrant tribes is also a trope that we watched a lot.

It remains to be seen how Masurkar weaves these plot points together to give Sherney new meaning.


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