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Shattered (2022) – Film Review

Shattered (2022) – Film Review



Directed by Luis Prieto.
With Cameron Monaghan, Lilly Krug, Frank Grillo, Sasha Luss, Ash Santos, Ridely Asha Bateman, Dat Phan, James C. Burns and John Malkovich.


As lonely tech millionaire Chris meets the charming Sky, the passion grows between them. When he is injured, she quickly becomes his nurse, but Sky’s odd behavior leads Chris to believe she has more sinister intentions.

Bursts features Cameron Monaghan as a mobile app guru who made his fortune selling the rights to an app focused on home security. It’s also hinted that this fascination with home security is linked to a questionable upbringing, but that’s about as far as director Luis Prieto and screenwriter David Loughery go when it comes to layering everything together. happens in this clichéd and stereotypical erotic thriller.

Bursts is primarily a schlock, entertaining at times while building a reasonably engaging middle act before sinking in introducing more characters and dragging on longer than it should.

Cameron Monaghan’s Chris Decker is freshly divorced and a bit bored and lonely. While shopping after midnight, he meets a former model named Sky (Lilly Krug) who doesn’t want to go back to the motel with her aggressive roommate. She comes to his house, they have a bonding session which culminates in some sexual intimacy, and needless to say he starts to bond.

After another sort of date, Chris is attacked on his way to the car and ends up with a broken leg. Let’s just say that Sky’s speed and willingness to become Chris’ personal caretaker is a bit too suspect.

The key to momentarily capturing and holding attention comes from the script’s common sense of not clinging to the obvious plot twist until the end, choosing to do the reveal early. With that out of the way, there are potentially endless directions to follow.

To the filmmakers’ credit, they have some wacky motivations for a hilariously evil owner played by John Malkovich. And while I enjoy just about any Frank Grillo appearance, his character not only comes along to reinforce how cliched it all is, but adds nothing to the story while removing a juicy psychopathic twist from newcomer Lilly Krug.

Bursts Works best when it’s a free-for-all tense concerning the riches inside the luxurious home, doubling as the torture porn love child of Misery And me before you. Unfortunately, some characters have burst onto the scene trying to make a sociopolitical point that not only doesn’t belong in a movie that’s obviously not suitable for topical commentary, but even has another character who answers to spare him that bullshit.

If only Bursts was leaner and meaner with a better understanding of the source of his twisted joy rather than becoming paralyzed the moment he begins to pick up. Ironically, her biggest crime is giving Sky another partner in crime when Lilly Krug chews up the scenery on her own.

Scintillating Myth Rating – Movie: ★ ★ / Movie: ★ ★ ★

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