Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer denounced gun violence as a ‘plague upon this nation’ on Wednesday after a gunman killed at least 19 children and two teachers at an elementary school in



  1. Ok 1st my heart breaks for every single person involved in this tragedy , but has anyone paused a moment and thought the same is happening to unborn babies everyday and people are applauding the mothers 🧐🤔… the problem isn’t guns the problem is the human being that SHOT the gun!!!!!

  2. Sadly change still it won’t happen. Until this horrible thing happens to the family of a white republican politician, then and just then things will change.

  3. Let Schumer give up his armed security. Let Pelosi give up her armed security. Let all criminals give up their guns.

  4. The problem is not the NRA its the lack of security in schools. Why school was not in lock down? Who let this guy in??

  5. Of course it is but when you have so many Republicans in the pockets of the NRA nothing will change.

  6. Sorry Senator.
    The sick mind chose a weapon to commit this act.
    There are many types of violent weapons that are Not guns.
    The gun can not chose a violent act.
    Only the shooter.

  7. Exactly, theirs priority is the guns not the ppl/family. They careless. If one of theirs was affected, it’s just collateral damage. Wicked souls

  8. Dems control every branch of government, they still won’t do anything! If „orange man“ was president they‘d go on every show today and talk about what they would do if republicans weren’t standing in the way! Well, no one is in your way! Y’all get played by them, folks!!! It’s election season!

  9. Why you have to inmagine ?…Anymoment Could Happen to Someone!…Does it that Count?😢

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