Sarah Polley woke up to a letter demanding she return her recently won Oscar on Saturday. And then she realized that she had been tricked by her own child for April Fool’s Day.

“My eleven-year-old son rocked for April Fools this year,” wrote the Canadian filmmaker in the caption of the note, which she posted on Twitter.

In March, Polley won Best Adapted Screenplay for “Women Talking,” but the joke letter asked him to send the trophy back to Los Angeles, so it could be awarded to legitimate Best Adapted Screenplay, “All Quiet on the Western Front”. ”

“Dear Sarah Polley, we tell you with the deepest regrets: the Oscar you received was given in error – you must return it,” read the first line of the letter. “We’re giving you one more week to enjoy having him in your house, but after that time you have to send him back to LA.”

Polley’s daughter cleverly joked that the powers that be knew the award was given in error, but they didn’t want another “Moonlight” and “La La Land” fiasco. The letter reassured that it was not a joke, even though Saturday was April Fool’s Day.

“We think it’s wrong that you’re getting this on April 1st because you’ll probably think it’s a joke, and we think it’s wrong, so another letter will be sent to you to make sure it’s not. no joke,” the letter read. “This is far too cruel to be a joke, so we deeply apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you.”

Those who follow Polley on Twitter played along. “Dear Sarah, to save on postage as I live overseas, the Academy asked me to provide you with my address so you can ship the Oscar straight. I’ll follow shortly. Okay with you? All the best, Edward,” filmmaker Edward Berger tweeted.

“I think we just discovered an Oscar-winning future for writing,” director Jon Cassar wrote.

“And to think you spawned this level of snark… well done mom!!” another said.