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If you are a fan of Vidyut Jammwal then check it out Sanakotherwise, his latest outing is unimpressive except for the action, notes Namrata Thakker.

Vidyut Jammwal’s latest performance is unimpressive in anything other than the action.

There is no denying the fact that Vidyut is an amazing action hero who can easily cause a storm with his fluid movements and powerful punches. That’s exactly what he’s doing in his new movie Sanakdirected by Kanishka Varma.

The film mainly revolves around his character, Vivaan Ahuja, who is desperately trying to save his wife Anshika (Rukmini Maitra) who is being held hostage in a hospital.

Racing against time, Vivaan takes matters into his own hands and pursues villains one by one, showing off his mixed martial arts skills. Yes, he is an MMA trainer who single-handedly kills all the thugs before the police enter the hospital.

The plot is wise Sanak very predictable and full of cliches. There is no element of surprise in the film despite being called an action movie. Also, some things just don’t make sense.

For example, the heroine undergoes a complex heart operation, as she suffers from a rare genetic disease. But not once in the film does she appear to be sick or recovering from surgery.

In fact, she even goes into action mode briefly during the climactic scene. Then there’s the kid who knows all about machine guns and even defuses the bomb when the police can’t. Strange, right? Don’t forget that most of the villains featured in the film are foreigners, because only they can match Vidyut’s scale of action. So why not?

As for the stellar cast, Vidyut clearly shines in the film with her martial arts skills. However, he needs to shake things up a bit more when it comes to acting. Rukmini Maitra’s performance is unforgettable and Neha Dhupia as ACP Jayati Bhargava has almost nothing to offer in the film.

The makers could have given Dhupia a meaningful role, but they failed to capitalize on her talent. Chandan Roy Sanyal plays the villain and while he’s perfect for the role, you don’t often see him in action and that’s disappointing.

General, Sanak action movie created to showcase Vidyut’s talent. And while it’s nice to see the actor throwing some punches and beating up thugs in his signature style, it would have been better if the movie had an engaging story. Or, for that matter, just a simple, logical story.

Also, the makers could have raised the cost of production and made the film more stylish to appease the audience, but even that is not enough.

So the question is, is the movie worth watching? Well, if you are a Vidyut fan or want to watch some amazing fight scenes, you should definitely check it out. Sanak on Disney+ Hotstar.

Sanak broadcasts on Disney+Hotstar.

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