Mother’s Day is just a few days away, and Samsung offers are ready to turn you into the best baby ever. The Galaxy S23 or Galaxy S23+ would be a pretty wild gift that Samsung has made more affordable by giving you a $200 discount if you trade in just about anything in any condition. If you have any old Galaxy phone lying in your desk drawer, pull out this legend and save money.

Samsung is only doing this for a limited time and now it is one of them. The promotion is part of their trade-in program, but instead of lower-end older phones going down to $25 or so, they tell you the lowest price they’ll offer is $200. And you get it as an instant loan today.

I took a quick look at the list of Samsung phones that can be sold for $200 and it really is any Galaxy phone in any condition. Take a look at this image to see that not only will you get $200 off your Galaxy S7 Edge or Galaxy A11, but you’ll also be able to choose the “Any Galaxy smartphone in any condition” option. Crazy, right? To check all values ​​and confirm that I’m not crazy, click this link.

Galaxy Trade-in cost

With this $200 discount, the Galaxy S23 drops to $599 and the Galaxy S23+ to $799. That puts them in Pixel 7 territory. It also makes two of my favorite phones of the year incredibly affordable. For those who don’t know, the Galaxy S23 is impossible to put down due to its premium build, impressive screen and performance, and insane battery life. Perhaps this is already the phone of the year for me.

Of course, if you have other phones, you can save more. Samsung will give you $550 for the Galaxy Fold 4, $440 for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, or $310 for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. These are definitely not the best exchange values ​​we’ve seen so this deal does offer a rebate of around $200 for trading anything.

Need to update your Galaxy S23+? Here is my review. The phone is ridiculously good if you don’t want to read all 2400 words.

Buy Galaxy S23, S23+ with discounts for Mother’s Day