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Samantar 2 Review – Movies Rediff.com


The climax of each episode is beautifully crafted.
You will be shocked and want to know more,” notes Pratik Sur.

IMAGE: Swwapnil Joshi in a scene from Samantar 2.

First season Samantar ended on a high note, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats about what was to come. Season 2 picks up right where they left the thrill and it’s brilliantly based on it.

The intrigue factor has persisted throughout just like the first season, and it keeps you hooked, booked and glued to the show’s last scene, wanting to know what will finally climax.

Swapped Joshi back in great shape. He manages to transform from a loving, caring husband into an abusive, cheating husband in an instant. He continues to oscillate between love for his wife, Tejaswini Pandit, and lust for another woman in his life, Sai Tamhankar.

His playing is so sincere that even for a moment it is not felt that he is playing. It seems very real and akin to any married man. Tejaswini has less screen time than the first season, and yet she puts on a really emotional performance.

This time, Nitish Bharadwaj is getting more screen space than in the first season. He makes full use of the same. From the frightened guy in the flashback sequences to the confident and villainous guy, he switches between two facets of his character with equal ease.

Sai Tamhankar, as two completely different characters, makes sure that the audience does not confuse them with each other. These days, she is a shy and modest woman trying to seduce someone else’s husband in an ultra-classy and stylish outfit. uber– cool, but in her memories she is a frank and rude lady who is not afraid to start an affair even in front of her husband.

She gave credit to both roles. Her attractiveness was beautifully used on screen as required by the script.

Ambar Hadap’s scriptwriting is so beautiful that it pulls you into the life of Svapneel. Every little event in his life you are waiting with bated breath. While Satish Rajwade was in charge of the previous season, this time around Sameer Vidwans is in charge.

The first part was 20-25 minutes per episode, which somehow increased to 30 minutes per episode. This change made the storytelling a bit sluggish and you get bored in some long scenes.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the climax of each episode was amazingly well thought out. You will be shocked and want to know more.

The script of the series is a major plus, and it keeps you in suspense until the very end. Definitely a MUST WATCH.

Samantar 2 is streaming on MX Player.

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