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Despite predictability and lethargy in some places, Saina “A film that Parineeti Chopra would be proud of,” says Pratik Sur.

Directorial return of Amole Gupte, Saina, has been developed for almost five years. So the expectations for this star Parineeti Chopra are high.

Based on the life of badminton ace Saina Neval, this biopic revolves around how she became the world’s number 1 in the sport.

Will her personal life take precedence over her professional life?

Can she find a balance between the two?

Can she take first place without offending some people?

Manav Kaul kicks the ball out of the park in his very first dialogue.

It’s the perfect mix of strict and necessary evil that a biopic like this needs.

He spares no words, and his acting shows it on the screen.

He brings his best game yet again, and that too in less screen real estate, and leaves an impression. It makes me wonder why we see so little of him in movies.

Parineet is finally playing good characters. Although her performance in The girl on the train it was really good, the story couldn’t control itself.

Nose SainaParineet will definitely get a pat on the back.

Her hard work can be seen on screen.

From playing an overweight girl to shedding those extra pounds and getting ready for the game, Parineety reshaped her body to suit the film’s needs.

Sainawill no doubt be remembered as one of Parineet’s finest on-screen roles.

Meghna Malik has made an impression on us in television series.

She does it again, playing the strict mother of Saina, who is willing to fight the world to see her daughter become world champion.

The nuance she gets in being a mother who is willing to stop at nothing just to make sure her daughter excels at the sport she wanted to excel herself at is fantastic.

It seems that this role was intended for her.

The message behind the film is solid.

When an athlete reaches the top, not only does he/she put in the effort to build his/her career, but so does his/her family and coaches.

Everyone needs to be given equal credit for success.

People want their children to be Saina Neval or Sachin Tendulkar or M.S. Dhoni or Mahesh Bhufati or Baichung Bhutia, but no one wants to be their parents as it will require an equal amount of hard work.

Amole Gupte’s story through Saina’s life shows the importance of these people supporting the sports star throughout their lives.

Amaal Malik’s music is top notch.

It’s hard to make songs suitable for biopic situations, but Amaal came up with songs like Parinda and Maine Hung Na Tere Saatwhich you will definitely want to have in your playlist this season.

The film also has its downsides.

You probably sympathize with Abu Chandrash Neval, Saina Neval’s elder sister.

Although she was featured in a couple of scenes in the film, she had almost no dialogue. Moreover, in the storyline, she is almost never mentioned.

While Parineeti admits in one place that her family (father, mother and sister) sacrificed a lot for her, there is no mention of the same in action when it comes to the character of Abu Chandrashu Nehwal.

Mother takes Saina to training, father takes out a loan from his office to buy shuttlecocks, but isn’t her sister doing something worthy enough?

In addition, in the first half, Meghna Malik plays a brash and short-tempered mother who will do everything to make her daughter become the best badminton champion in the world. But in the second half, it suddenly becomes soft.

She stands by her daughter during her matches and is sick all the time, but we don’t see her fiery side at all.

Saina’s boyfriend (now husband) Parupalli Kashyap was only shown on a personal level.

It has never been shown that he is also a badminton champion who has won medals for the country.

When shown to be supportive of all of Saina’s accomplishments, why doesn’t Saina cheer for him, or at least discuss any of his matches?

Amole Gupte’s direction is predictable.

Saina’s life is no secret and we all know what will happen.

But it’s the behind the scenes of a sports star’s life that the world doesn’t know about, and that’s why biopics work in India.

While the sports stories move at a good pace, Saina’s behind-the-scenes life is shown sluggishly.

I, for one, would like the character Manav Kaula to coach Parineeti Chopra more during training and make her a better player.

While the disagreements between the two characters (Saina and her trainer) were shown for quite some time, the actual training was not shown to that extent.

Piyush Shah’s cinematography lacks punch Saina.

Yes, most of the scenes were indoors, but it’s in situations where you have limits, that’s where you have to unleash your creative juices and come up with something that people will eventually remember when they leave the theater. It was just a safe game.

Sainadespite being predictable and lethargic in places, it looks like Parineeti Chopra would be proud.

It has its drawbacks, but it’s a disposable watch.

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