Home Technology Running out of money in GTA Online? Here’s how to complete Ju

Running out of money in GTA Online? Here’s how to complete Ju

Running out of money in GTA Online?  Here’s how to complete Ju


Latest Technology News: Running out of money in GTA Online? Here’s how to complete Ju

Junk Energy Time Trial is the new challenge in GTA Online that can help you sort out your tax situation.

It’s been almost over a decade, and GTA V developers Rockstar Games are always coming up with new material to keep players busy for days. There is still a wide range of things waiting to be explored in the vast map of the game. In addition to the single player mode, GTA Online is also a treasure trove for players who like to compete against other players. An array of challenges and missions can keep you engaged in the game trying to earn big bucks. While there are plenty of ways to earn money in GTA Online, sometimes players can get a little too into the flow and spend millions of dollars of in-game cash buying things. This can create a serious hole in your gaming wallet where you can’t even afford your next purchase. However, there could still be something that can help your cash reserves.

New challenge introduced in GTA Online: Junk Energy Time Trial


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The Junk Energy Time Trial was introduced with the July 20 weekly update. The challenge should be another permanent feature of GTA Online. The cash prize for completing the challenge will remain the same, while the location of the challenge is expected to change daily.

If you’re strapped for cash in GTA Online, we’ve got you covered with all the details of the Junk Energy Time Trial! As fans of other games cry foul as GTA 6 speculation pushes other titles off the grid, here’s your chance to relive some of GTA Online’s best features.

What is the Junk Energy Time Trial?

The principle of the Junk Energy time trial is not unlike the other racing challenges in GTA Online. Like other time trials in the game, you have to complete challenges to win an in-game cash prize. As GTA Online is a kind of open-world multiplayer game, such challenges and races can get extremely competitive. So you have to buckle up and put your foot on the accelerator to get ahead of the others if you really need the money fast. Since the new Junk Energy Time Trial is a challenge that will only last two minutes, it shouldn’t be difficult to navigate and complete, even for newcomers.

In addition to the existing racing modes, Rockstar Games has introduced a new bike racing challenge after a long, long time. The main objective of the Junk Energy Time Trial is to go through several checkpoints while riding a Junk Energy Inductor. While this may not sound like your average race in GTA Online, there is something that can help you win races if you’re a casual gamer. Lower bike speeds can be beneficial if you want to collect more items and prizes throughout the race. With a large sum of money for the winner, the challenge can be great for those who don’t own any business in GTA Online.

What do you need to start?

An unwanted Energy Inducer is all you need to compete in the new Time Trial. It’s a bike you can get for $50,000 in-game cash. You’ll also need to maintain high stamina to complete the challenge.

However, it won’t be that difficult as it’s one of the most natural stats in GTA Online to develop. Most players who are regulars at Los Santos know all the tricks in the book to increase your stamina level, which will no doubt help you meet the challenge.

How do I find the Junk Energy Time Trial location?

Although the location of the challenge changes daily, players will have no trouble finding its location. A purple bicycle will mark the spot where you can participate in the Against the watch. Head to the marker with your Junk Energy Inducer and interact depending on what platform you are on and you can compete in the Junk Energy Time Trial.

If you don’t already have a Junk Energy Inductor bike, you can find one near the marked location on the world map. So don’t worry if you haven’t bought your wheels yet. Just head to the daily location and take a spin and compete with others for the top spot.

What must you do to win?

As mentioned before, the time trial will only last 2 minutes. So hold your breath and paddle like there’s no tomorrow.

GTA 6 will have an ever-changing map with regular updates and Vice City as the main setting: reports

The marker on the map will also show the normal time you need to beat. Stay within this specified time when you reach the final checkpoint if you want to get your hands on the dough.

What are the rewards if you win the time trial?


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$52,000 awaits you on the other side of the finish line, if you finish first. For a challenge you can complete in two minutes, that’s a lot of money. Now, since the challenge is a daily activity, you can technically earn over $50,000 every day in the game. If that doesn’t solve your financial problems, we don’t know what will.

In addition to the prize money, simply completing the Time Trial for the first time will grant you a Junk Energy outfit. So it’s not just about the money: some players may also want the new drip.


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Will you take part in a race as soon as possible? Tell us what you plan to do with all the money you can earn!

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