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Review LOL Hasse Toh Phasse

Review LOL Hasse Toh Phasse


How can you have a comedy show and no one laughs, asks Pratik Sur.

When Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani get together to host a comedy show, doesn’t that sound interesting?

When you have stellar comedy stars like Sunil Grover, Suresh Menon, Cyrus Broacha, Gaurav Hera and many more locked up together in the same house, doesn’t that sound like too much fun?

When you create big boss such a medium, doesn’t it excite you for an enticing reality show?

Unfortunately, LOL Hasse To Fasse fails on all counts.

LOL Hasse To Fasse it’s a shame in the name of a comedy show.

How to put on a comedy show without anyone laughing?

You know how sometimes a brilliant germ of an idea is born in your head and you think that it could be a blockbuster show, but after a couple of days when you think about it, you realize how stupid it was.

Same case with LOL Hasse To Fasse.

It’s an idea that was fantastic on a conceptual level.

Some of the best Indian comedians get together under the same roof and they are not allowed to laugh.

Star concept.

But the fact that the creators left this show without a script made everything go awry.

At the very beginning, when the rules are explained, there are three beeps that the judges will play. Not only is it difficult for the audience to remember which buzzer meant what, but it is also difficult for the contestants, as many times during the show they keep staring at each other with blank faces, wondering what this or that buzzer means.

On top of that, since there was no script, everything was impromptu and jokes at the same time.

Thus, you cannot even focus on one thing.

Even when the members come on stage to act out a skit, the other members do not sit and watch his/her performance. They try to do something at the same time, which confuses the viewer.

The jokes are too farcical to be funny.

At least in Big boss, you do different things and only the best parts are shown to the public. Here, you have no choice but to keep all the characters together in the same room and let them all try to draw attention to themselves at the same time. Too much confusion.

This is one of those rare occasions when someone as good as Sunil Grover hesitates and acts completely unfunny.

Gaurav Hera and Aakash Gupta give a little break.

Mallika Dua and Kusha Kapila go out of their way to provoke forced laughter that never goes away.

Arshad and Boman seem like Archana Puran Singh or Navjyot Singh Sidhu who keep laughing at *everything* even if it’s not funny at all.

While I can understand why stand-up comedians did this, why did famous actors like Sunil Grover, Cyrus Broacha, Gaurav Hera and Suresh Menon have to be on this show?

Maybe the quarantine affected them and they wanted to make a quick buck?

If I want to see Big boss, I will be watching big boss.

If I want to watch stand-up skits, I’ll watch comedy shows.

If I want to watch Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani together, I will watch Munnabhai MBBS and Lage Raho Munnabhai,

But certainly not this torture show. MUST AVOID.

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