Home News Rep. Victoria Spartz speech on Ukraine: “This is not a war. This is genocide.”


  1. I empathize with her position. However Biden can’t send our troops there. Risking a potential nuclear catastrophe. It’s the worse situation possible. He has to be disabled with sanctions. His world has to collapse on him or someone in his camp has to deal with him. It’s easy to say we aren’t doing anything. It’s not easy to face risking your own citizens for this.

  2. American military involvement in this war is dangerous. You cannot have two nuclear powers on opposite sides of a proxy war. The Biden administration is doing everything they can to avoid escalating the war without agitating Putin any further. The USA will not get involved in this war – stakes are too high and Putin too unpredictable right now.

  3. I have an idea. Why don’t we send her over in our first wave. Love how they talk tough with other lives

  4. She needs to get out of her feelings. If we escalate then they we escalate and it won’t be hundreds who died but millions

  5. Nobody called BUSH, OBAMA, TONY BLAIR, NETANYAHU, BIDEN or any of those CRAZY! when they started wars and invaded the countries like SYRIA, IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, YEMEN, LIBYA, SOMALIA!! WHY?? What about the people and CHILDREN dying in YEMEN, SYRIA, IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, PALESTINE, KASHMIR, SOMALIA etc?? Or they are children of a lesser God?? And that’s why the U.S. can bomb them anytime they want?? Just when Russia launched its offensive against Ukraine, the U.S. bombed Somalia, killing hundreds of civilians, but that’s okay? The U.S. and its Allies HYPOCRISY is unmatched!! The only way to find peace in the world is to STOP U.S’s bullying and terrorism!!! If the media had given atleast 25% of the same coverage to above war torn areas and atrocities of the U.S. maybe it would have helped save some lives!!! But clearly WHITE BLOOD > BROWN/BLACK BLOOD!!

  6. So how will he be stopped???
    Nobody in this world wants this !!
    Sending love, peace and prayers from Canada.❤️✌🏼🙏🏼💜✝️

  7. All media emedietly falling in line to support U.S. foreign policy propaganda. I have seen only a few news outlets explain the history that led up to this even. All u.s. and it’s allies news is pure propaganda. We need to ask how and why this happened and what can be done. not just “poor Ukraine” and “Russian man bad”.

  8. What about Europe sending in their troops to help?Don’t blame Biden.He is doing the best he can.

  9. Blaming the President right now doesn’t help her cause – it’s not a 1-person show. Her anger is displaced, and we don’t need anymore division. It’s a united front with NATO & EU just short of a nuclear WWIII.

  10. Where was this criticism when Trump withheld weapons from Ukraine. Where was she when the Republican platform removed the support for Ukraine in its official position.

  11. Only someone inside Putin’s own administration can put him down, hence his long table requirements.

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