The original cast of mean girls returning to Mean Girls: The Musical? It’s so searching, according to Renee Rapp.

THE Sex life of college girls star – who plays Regina George in the upcoming musical and previously in the Broadway musical – recently raved about the original cast of the 2004 classic, joking how far she would go to get them for a special appearance in the film musical.

As she told exclusively to E! News on March 13, “I kiss or lick anyone to have fun with me.”

While supporting TikToker Dylan Mulvaney to her 365th day of childhood event in New York, Renée also praised Lindsay Lohansaying that working alongside him would mean “everything”.

“She’s so hot,” Renée said of the actress, who recently announced her first pregnancy. “She’s such a mother. She’s in a cultural renaissance. This is shit.”

Reneé may well get her wish, as Lindsay previously revealed in 2020 that she was down to take another swing To mean girls. And it’s not just the original cast that Reneé adores. The actress also praised her co-stars, especially Phillips busy.


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