Latest Technology News: ‘Remnant 2’ dethrones ‘CSGO’ as Steam bestseller by R

A few days before its official launch, Remnant 2 has risen to the top of the bestsellers on Steam graphicsjumping 69 spots in a week and topping both Baldurs Gate 3 pre-orders and endless monstrous CSGO microtransactions, which usually means it’s top notch, plus it’s free to play.

The chart is based on revenue, not total sales, which makes Remnant 2 even more impressive given its $50 discount price compared to the $60 or $70 alternatives.

This week the embargo was lifted for game reviews and it arrived with a solid 80 on Metacriticcertainly a win for developer Gunfire Games, who seem overwhelmed with the game’s reception. While Remnant: From the Ashes had its own share of fans, it looks like Remnant 2 will eclipse the first game in more ways than one.

The game is setting up a solid launch on Twitch where it’s still only in early access right now ahead of its official launch on July 25. Right now it’s ahead of Apex Legends and Diablo 4, even with Diablos’ first season launching this week.

I haven’t seen virtually any advertisements for Remnant 2, although I may just be looking in the wrong place. But I feel like it’s been a lot of organic word of mouth, singing the games’ praises. I hadn’t planned on playing it as I didn’t play the first one, but enough people have recommended it to me where I don’t really feel like I have a choice, and when I return from a trip early next week, I’m going to dive in. My friend Travis, usually the guy they give the worst games to review, gave it a 9/10 on IGNso it really jumped out at me.

It remains to be seen what this game’s launch sales will be in the end, but given this early performance from Steam, I wouldn’t be shocked to see it exceed Gunfires’ expectations and prove to be a big win for publisher Gearbox of Borderlands fame.

Even in a 2-3 month span that has seen an incredible amount of fantastic releases, it looks like Remnant 2 could prove to be a solid bookend with Baldurs Gate here at the end of the summer. Looking forward to checking it out for myself soon.

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