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Ramug does not live up to expectations, says Pratik Sur.

You may be wondering why the series based on the Ramayana epic is returning to the screens.

Was it because the creators wanted to capitalize on the fact that everyone enjoyed last year’s reruns? Ramayana and Mahabharat since the late 1980s?

Director Kunal Kohli, who is trying to sort of come back, is trying to take this shortcut?

Or is he trying to comment on the political situation in the country?

Well, whatever it is, Ramug does not match the brand.

Apart from Diganta Manchale, who plays Ram, there is not a single character in the series that needs your attention.

Digant’s deep baritone makes his character likable.

Akshay Dogra as Laxman is hot-tempered, but his characterization is naive.

I can’t figure out what the continuity assistant director was doing with the beards of the two men on the show. In one scene they are shown with beards, and in the next they are clean-shaven!

And suddenly, when they are in the jungle, the two men look clean-shaven. Even when they have beards, they have amazingly trimmed stubble. Where did they get razors in the middle of the forest?

Debutante Aishwarya Ojha as Sita is very different from the dialect.

In later episodes, she fixes this somewhat.

Oddly enough, she has almost no scenes in this eight-episode Ram-Laxman series.

Die-hard actors like Anuup Soni, Duleep Tahil, Shishir Sharma and Tiska Chopra were completely wasted in two-minute scenes.

The biggest disappointment is Kabir Singh Duhan as Ravan. He has perfect physicality and a grim, bearded look to carry the character, and yet manages to mock the character.

The way his character is portrayed is just fantastic.

It’s a unique approach to show how all 10 chapters of Ravan discuss important issues and it’s more like how M. Night Shyamalan’s film shows characters with multiple personality disorders. This is a brilliant move.

The screenplay by Kamlesh Pandey and direction by Kunal Kohli are the show’s biggest failings.

When you’re creating fantasy fiction, you can take cinematic liberties.

But when you create an epic like the Ramayana whose history the audience knows, you are not allowed to change historical events.

There are many such cases in the series.

For example, the main people behind the creation of Ram Setu, Nal and Nil, were not mentioned at all.

The fact that King Dashratha had three wives was never shown. Only two wives are shown, as they were needed for this plot, and the third wife is not even mentioned.

The fourth brother, Shatrugan, does not have a single dialogue in the entire show.

Ravan says he has a billion army, but we never see it.

We can talk about the shortcomings for a long time.

Yes you have Amitabh Bachchan to sing and chant Hanuman Chalisa for show, but does that mean you will use it every time Hanuman is shown flying into the clouds?

The portrayal of the mighty Mahabir is also very pale in Vivan Bhatena, who only uses his chiselled body to speak.

The Ramayana cannot be reduced to an eight-episode show, but even if you try to do so, historical inaccuracies must not be allowed.

I can’t believe that Ramyug directed by the same director who directed films such as Hum Tum and Fanaa. Ramyug seems like a pale attempt to revive a dying career.

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