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Radhe and Wanted: separated at birth

Radhe and Wanted: separated at birth


Radhenotes Mumita Bhattacharjee, this is exactly what you would expect from a Salman Khan film, but…

Radhe the trailer is out. Salman Khan fans have been waiting for this since last year.

While the trailer is explosive and generous, extreme deja vu dents your interest a lot.

Salman plays Radhe, the only cop who can hire the dreaded mobster played by Randeep Hooda.

Radhe has a certain way of doing things, which may not follow the rules. Whether he succeeds in fulfilling his “commitment” or not depends on the rest of the story.

It is directed by Prabhudeva and starring Salman. So some Wanted vibrations were evident. What I didn’t expect was a repeat of the 2009 movie.

Radhe is a remake of a South Korean thriller. criminals. Did Prabhudeva brew a heady mixture of Korean thriller and Indian thriller? Wanted or all copies of each other?

Salman is Salman, just like every other movie of his, so no surprises!

I would like to thank the filmmakers for a much better actor to play the villain in Salman Khan’s film.

Whether it’s his looks or his scenes, Randeep Hooda excels.

Disha Patani serves as a worthy distraction, though the trailer doesn’t promise much.

There is a cameo role of Jacqueline Fernandez.

And another one from Jackie Shroff. Why? Dont clear.

Generally, Radhe it’s exactly what you’d expect from a salman khan movie but what’s frustrating is that it’s a remake Wanted. Serves no purpose, we already have one!


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