Qualcomm announced and detailed Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 mobile platform this week, and the platform itself is a combination of Kryo CPU, Adreno GPU, Snapdragon X62 5G Modem-RF system, and a bunch of other technologies. In short, Qualcomm claims that this is the most powerful Snapdragon 7 series ever released.

Key features of the platform include a 50% increase in Kryo CPU performance, peaking at 2.91GHz, a 2x increase in GPU performance, and a 13% improvement in energy efficiency. This means more power for a longer period of time, perfect for mobile gamers or those who enjoy streaming high quality content. Speaking of streaming, the upgraded modem brings 5G download speeds up to 4.4Gbps, as well as 5G/4G Dual-Sim Dual Active support for those using two SIM cards at the same time.

Phones using this platform should also improve the photography experience. Qualcomm documentation notes that the 18-bit Qualcomm Spectra Triple ISP (image signal processor) captures 4,000 times more data than the 14-bit ISP for photos and videos with extreme dynamic range. In addition, users can capture brighter and clearer pictures in darker environments with Mega Low Light technology, which combines the best aspects of 30 images into one bright result.

As for which phones will get this platform, nothing has been confirmed yet, but Qualcomm notes that OEMs such as Realme and Redmi will soon launch phones on this platform, expected this month.

Sounds good to those who don’t buy phones with 8-series chipsets.

// Qualcomm [Documentation]


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