Home News Psaki on Vice President Harris’ contact with #covid positive staffer.


  1. Closing the border is more a concern to citizens than Harris not wearing a mask Who gives a crap! Biden ignores closing the border.money from cartels?????

  2. Don’t believe what you see. The VP sleeps with a mask and washes her hands often. 💩🤡

  3. It stinks when the little people call out your hypocrisy. She looks like she threw up a little in her mouth spewing the lie.

  4. Rules for thee not for me as usual. Old news and if you’re still supporting this administration you’re as lost as ever. You don’t have to be Republican but this ain’t it either.

  5. Who cares at this point if your vaccinated and spread it because an unvaccinated person decided to f around and find out than boohoo. I’m tried of doing the right thing for people who want to harass us for wearing a mask and harass us for not wearing a mask. FREEDUMB is alive and well and sorry not sorry

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