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Things may seem too good to be true, but the welcoming energy of their harmonious composition makes potlak rare light watch desi OTT scene, says Sukanya Verma.

A wealthy Indian urban family, with its easy ups and downs, spats and quirks, completes the carefree events of Rajshree Ojha’s life. potlak.

At the suggestion of their aspiring writer daughter Prerna (Shikha Talsania), the oldest members (Kitu Gidwani, Jatin Sial) of the Shastri clan begin a weekly meal to break bread with their independently living sons, their wives and loved ones. brood.

Over eight episodes lasting less than half an hour, we discover their various woes and worries: someone is desperately looking for romance, someone is retired and longs to be relevant again, someone wants to move into a bigger house, someone secretly wants to help them in this, someone feels guilty about the lack of culinary skills, someone juggles between three children and work ….

Here is a little context of who is who.

When not immersed in her laptop, plastered with Tagore quotes on his skin, and reading Murakami, Prerna tries to resurrect her love life through various dating apps.

Of course her parents are trying to play cupid.

Of course, they fail.

But the Lucknow-based Bollywood marketer (Siddhant Karnik) may just be the answer to her prayers.

Her father Govind Shastri’s silly attempts to fit in and sound cool by stalking his kids on Instagram and using millennial slang usually elicit embarrassment.

Pramil’s better half is the more reserved of the two, but her disapproving tone and overbearing manner ensure everyone stays at arm’s length.

Their eldest son Vikrant (Cyrus Sahukar) and his wife Akanksha (Ira Dubey) are raising a daughter and twins, making their existence full of pressure and chaos.

The youngest son, Dhruv (Harman Singh), loves people, and this annoys his childhood sweetheart-turned-significant Nidhi (Saloni Patel) to no end.

The fact that they have no desire to have children, and the potential Prerna beau is a Muslim, does not cause any drama or conflict in their relationship. potlak this is a real relief.

Rather, the focus is on how the unfounded fears and perceptions fueled by some of the characters about their disinterest or limitations emphasize that families may be more acceptable than is thought.

Oja, who adapted Jane Austen’s novel. Emma as Aishaallows a glimpse into their daily lives – the believable superficiality of a mother who is uncomfortable with her babysitter speaking to her child in her native language, couples doing a spontaneous compatibility test or simply ordering from a restaurant delivery menu.

His humor is free and emotions under control.

potlakwritten by Ashwin Lakshmi Narayan and Gaurav Lulla, integrates the atmosphere of a sitcom Dekh Bhai Dekh and the whimsy of Hollywood romantic comedy (costume parties et al) through a charming course of less than four hours.

Potluces is when members of a close-knit community, whether family or friends, come together and share homemade food and warmth.

Ojha sets this ritual as an intimate backdrop for exploring contemporary family dynamics that are familiar, pleasant, but a little disappointingly reserved in their portrayal.

It relies on well-known ideas about dysfunctional desi parivarbut stays true to his good tone to scratch deeper.

Things may seem too good to be true, but the welcoming energy of their harmonious composition, especially the effervescent Shikha Talsania, the insightful Kitu Gidvani and the graceful Ira Dubey, makes this a rare light watch in the world. desi OTT scene.

Potluck is streaming on SonyLIV.

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