Home Technology Pokemon Sleep: how this mobile game aims to improve your sleep

Pokemon Sleep: how this mobile game aims to improve your sleep

Pokemon Sleep: how this mobile game aims to improve your sleep


Latest Technology News: Pokemon Sleep: how this mobile game aims to improve your sleep

Instead of staying up all night playing a video game to catch Pokemon, you can now catch pocket monsters while you sleep.

Pokemon Sleep, a new mobile app from The Pokemon Company, adds a little fun to tracking your sleep habits. The better you sleep, the more Pokémon you can catch.

Sleep is important for mental and physical health, but not everyone benefits from a good night’s rest. The Pokemon Company says the new app can help players sleep by building consistent bedtime habits that are rewarded in-game.

Here’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Sleep.

When is Pokémon Sleep released?

The Pokemon Sleep mobile app launched in most countries on Wednesday. You can download it for iOS from Apple App store or for Android from Google Play Store.

How much does Pokémon Sleep cost?

The app is free. There are in-app purchases for in-game currency that can be used to catch and evolve more Pokemon.

How does Pokémon Sleep work?

Pokemon Sleep uses your phone’s accelerometer to detect your movements while you sleep. Players will need to put their phone on their bed or pillow so it can pick up these movements.

While you sleep, you will catch different Pokémon. The more you sleep, the higher your sleep score. A high score means more Pokémon can be caught.

After a night’s sleep, you can check the app for different types of sleep that have been detected during the night. The app can also record audio for the night to see if there was a lot of noise or if you snore. (Some players even said that the application recorded them farting.)

During the day, you can see which Pokemon you’ve caught and feed Snorlax. Those familiar with the franchise know that Snorlax is known to sleep and plays a pivotal role in the game. The more Snorlax is fed, the higher his strength, which also results in catching more Pokémon.

Pokemon Sleep also works with the Pokemon Go Plus, the wearable designed for Pokemon Go. It can track movement instead of using a phone.

Why is sleep tracking important?

Sleep is important for a healthy life and many people cannot get a good night’s sleep. There is 70 million American adults who have a sleep disorder, which can be attributed to anxiety, sleep apnea or simply a bad mattress.

Sleep tracking – whether by a wearable device such as the Apple Watch or the Oura Ring – is one way to understand how you sleep.

While we sleep, we go through four stages: awake, core, REM, and deep sleep. REM sleep and deep sleep are both essential to an individual’s health and to get enough of them requires an average of seven to eight hours of sleep for adults – and good sleep hygiene.


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