When Android 12 launched with the Material You design, one of our favorite related features was the color scheme. Android 12 was the first version of Android to debut dynamic color themes, which would extract colors from your wallpaper of choice and then distribute them throughout the system. This provided an amazing personalized experience on your supported phone that you could update regularly to freshen things up.

The new code in Android 14 (Developer Preview 1) seems to indicate that the same dynamic color theme could be coming to Google Wear OS at some point in the future.

Men in 9to5Google found information in settings related to wearable devices and is called “DYNAMIC_COLOR_THEME_ENABLED”. Now this might refer to something completely different, but the “dynamic” part of this setup sure sounds familiar and could make some sense in a wearable that’s all about personal style.

Of course, we have no idea if Google will implement this and when, but it will most likely need a Wear OS update. We also don’t know how far along this change is and if it will be close to being released in an update later this year or if Google has just started trying to add it.

Another thing is that we don’t know how it will work on Wear OS watches. In Pixel Watch and Wear OS 3, Google is already using parts of Material You. The entire Wear OS 3 experience, at least on the Pixel Watch, looks very modern compared to Wear OS 2. But how will dynamic colors work on a watch that is mostly just black?

Google could do some cool stuff. Since we don’t actually use the wallpaper on the watch, it may allow you to choose a color which is then propagated to the watch’s UI. Or maybe it will use your phone’s color palette to match your wearable. As much as Google tries to use this dynamic color idea, it should only add another layer of personalization to a device that can always use more.