With a month left until Google I/O, this is the perfect opportunity for Google to showcase the Pixel 7a, a device that is likely ready for a full reveal (if not launch) if we take history into account. Typically, as a phone approaches arrival, certain signs tell us to get ready, such as when official renders of the device come out. It happened today.

In accordance with @onleaksthe images below are official images of the Pixel 7a in the colors that Google plans to sell it in. The images are high resolution and look just like product images we might see in a retail listing or directly from Google.

Three colors are presented here: black (gray), white and blue. The black and white options are pretty typical of Google, but in most phone releases they like to add a third color to the mix that adds a touch of spice. For the Pixel 7a, this will apparently be light blue. By comparison, the Pixel 6a is available in Charcoal (grey), Chalk (white), and Sage (green).

Google Pixel 7a colors

These images don’t tell us anything else, they just confirm previous leaks, and also this is an insanely practical description of the device. We see a Pixel 7-inspired design, a dual camera setup on the back, and a generally familiar look for a smartphone that will pair with other Google phones.

While we still don’t know the official specs, a couple of previous leaks gave us some of the important details we wanted. We know the Pixel 7a will feature a high refresh rate (90Hz) display, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and dual 12MP cameras for the first time. Google will probably use their Tensor chip again and we’ll be hoping for the Tensor G2.

Google pixel 7a blue

The biggest questions left for the Pixel 7a, now that we believe we’ve seen it in official renders, is how much will it cost and when can we buy it? The latest rumors are that it will launch in June, so that could mean showing at Google I/O on May 10, followed by a short pre-order period. As for prices, we really don’t know. The Pixel 6a was priced at $449 from the start, but Google seems to be dropping it to $299 every month. The price for April dropped back to $299 – that should be a permanent price cut, right?

I’m telling you right now that the Pixel 7a has a good chance of being the phone of 2023 if its price can end up where the Pixel 6a has been for most of its short life.

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