It pays to be patient. When Pixel 7 Pro, which previously sold at a $100 discount, is now on sale at a $250 discount, bringing the total for Google’s Best Device to just $649. This is a very, very good deal.

For those wondering if buying a Pixel 7 Pro is a good idea since the Pixel 8 line is coming in a few months, it’s a safe buy in this case. You’re saving enough money to justify the expense, but unless you’re someone who wants the newest and shiniest toy on the market, you’ll be fine. It’s a great phone with an amazing camera, and there are many more software updates to come.

If the Pixel 8 Pro comes out and turns out to be the best Google phone ever, you’ll be ready to use the discounted Pixel 7 Pro as a trusted device to trade with. In our eyes, this is a win-win.

To take advantage of this $649 price tag, follow the link below.

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