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People don’t buy Pixel 6

People don’t buy Pixel 6


Pixel 6 According to a recent survey of US carrier merchants by market research firm Wave7, US carrier store sales are low.

As detailed in a report circulated PCMagsales are so low that Google is offering “very high” kickbacks to sales staff able to sell the device. cool kid The term for this kind of promotion is “spy”, short for “Sales Promotion Fund”. This is a very common practice in this industry, but for the Pixel 6, the reward levels are now higher than usual. Obviously, this means that the phone is not selling well, and Google needs to encourage sellers to promote the device more than others. For example, if you’re looking for a Galaxy phone, you might be asked to consider the Pixel 6.

The report notes that the Pixel 6 is unlikely to generate interest outside of Verizon. People interviewed suggest that this may be due to error messages and performance issues, leaving the Pixel 6 only desirable to “die-hard” Pixel fans.

If you are Google, this sucks. If you’re a Pixel fan, this should hurt you a bit. Pixel 6 issues are pretty well documented, however there are plenty of people who say they didn’t have any problems at all. We discussed this quite a bit. After all, the numbers don’t lie. If it was a popular phone, it would sell. We hope Google has more success with the upcoming Pixel 6a lineup and potential Pixel 7 lineup.

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