Home News Patrick Ho hardly seemed the profile of a big-time international fixer. A short,

Patrick Ho hardly seemed the profile of a big-time international fixer. A short,

Patrick Ho hardly seemed the profile of a big-time international fixer. A short,


Patrick Ho hardly seemed the profile of a big-time international fixer. A short, pudgy man, affectionately known to friends as “Fat Ping,” Ho had been a Harvard-trained ophthalmologist and a Hong Kong government minister. Yet in the fall of 2017, after landing at JFK Airport in NYC, he was arrested by FBI agents and charged in an audacious plot to dole out millions of dollars in bribes to African leaders in exchange for major energy contracts that appeared to advance Chinese gov. interests.⁠

What emerged in his indictment and later trial and conviction in federal court was a revealing portrait of Chinese influence peddling that included allegations that Ho arranged to broker arms deals — including the sale of rocket and grenade launchers — to countries in war zones in Africa and the Middle East.⁠

There was one noteworthy detail, however, about Ho’s global wheeling and dealing that went unmentioned in federal court documents or Justice Department press releases at the time. During the same period that he was being pursued by the FBI for his role in the global bribery scheme, Ho and his boss, Ye Jianming, a billionaire oil tycoon with past ties to a front for the People’s Liberation Army, had entered into a business relationship with two members of the Biden family — President Biden’s son Hunter Biden and the president’s brother, James Biden.⁠

As Yahoo News first reported, when Ho was arrested by agents at JFK, the first call he made was to James Biden. At the time, Ho’s connection to the Bidens was unclear. But emails on a damaged laptop that Hunter Biden left at a computer repair store in Wilmington, Del. — many of which have since been authenticated by the Washington Post and the Times — as well as bank records and other documents uncovered by Senate Republican investigators, reveal a high-dollar money trail that flowed from Chinese interests to Hunter and James Biden and which now appears to be at the heart of an ongoing Justice Department criminal investigation.⁠

There’s “no doubt Hunter presents CI [counterintelligence] vulnerabilities,” says a former senior FBI official.⁠

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✍️: Yahoo News⁠
📷: Carolyn Kaster/AP




  1. Let’s talk about Trumps family and Jerod with Putin and Saudies. They left with hundreds of millions richer. Not to mention classified information he sold.

  2. Count how many comments justify this with some standard “ya but trump did this” bs. Amazingly on par

  3. Jared ( #FDT ‘s son-in-law) received 2 billions from the Saudis 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. You know things have changed when the media isn’t covering for the left. Impeachment coming soon…as planned…

  5. You mean the whole laptop story, in which you helped bury knowing it would literally change the course of history is actually true? That you are complacent in manipulating the media to help someone win an election.. as Eddie Murphy would say, “get the f’k out”. Lol… 🤡

  6. Am I reading this right?! Yahoo reporting something about the Bidens that doesn’t make them look amazing?!?! 🤯

  7. BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT biden,lol. Let’s finish the trumps trying to take over our government first. GOP deflect all you want, but everyone with any education knows your M O.

  8. Where’s the story about Jared’s 2 billon dollar deal with Saudi Arabia and when will the DOJ announce their investigation into how he and Ivanka made over 600 million dollars while squatting in Trump’s White House with out security clearance approval? Republicans why doesn’t the media make a bigger deal out of the Trump crime family?

  9. Look at ALL the crimes that come from Trump and his family… and yet still no charges. Meanwhile this is old news.

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