Home News Pathanamthitta-based finance company to pay compensation

Pathanamthitta-based finance company to pay compensation

Pathanamthitta-based finance company to pay compensation


Latest Kerala Local News: Pathanamthitta-based finance company to pay compensation

The Ernakulam District Consumer Dispute Redress Commission ordered Popular Traders, a Pathanamthitta-based finance company, to pay an investor 3.05 lakh in compensation for unfair business practices and deficient services.

Suja R. Varma of Thripunithura had approached the commission with the complaint that the company had accepted a 2 lakh investment from him for one year in June 2020 with a promise to offer 12% interest per annum. Thomas Daniel, managing partner of Popular Traders, and three other partners were arraigned as opposing parties.

According to the complainant, the opposing parties did not pay the agreed interest and even rejected her request for premature closure. It also emerged that the opposing parties were facing criminal charges of breach of trust, fraud and embezzlement of public funds. The managing partner was arrested for these offenses and was not authorized to collect funds from the public.

The commission observed that the opposing parties, although having received the notification, did not contest the complainant’s allegations. Conscious failure to file their written version is considered an admission of the allegations against them. The opposing parties’ actions amounted to unfair business practices and deficient service, deceiving and enriching themselves with the plaintiffs’ and the public’s money, the commission said.

Fraudsters exploit vulnerabilities, financial stress and the desire for quick wins to deceive victims. The poor and vulnerable suffer the most as they are in desperate need of financial solutions and do not understand complex transactions, observed the commission composed of Chairman DB Binu and members V. Ramachandran and Sreevidhia TN

Subsequently, the commission ordered the opposing parties to pay the plaintiff 2 lakh with interest of 9.50% from the date of filing until the amount is realised. Another lakh is expected to be paid for the lack of services and the mental agony and physical hardship suffered by the plaintiff, in addition to another 5,000 for litigation costs.

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