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Any film about time loops is bound to be compared to Bill Murray’s classic. groundhog daybut palm springs holds up quite well on its own, enthuses Sukanya Verma.

“Today, tomorrow, yesterday, everything is the same,” says a guy in a bright Hawaiian shirt, sipping beer and floating in the pool on an inflated slice of pizza.

Post-COVID, the sense of monotony in his words instantly resonates as the world, forced to spend endless days in lockdown, collectively grapples with feeling stuck in a rut.

Directed by Max Barbakov palm springswhich he co-writes with Andy Ciara, is a wacky science fiction, romantic comedy about two people who relive the same day over and over again, confronting some pertinent existentialist questions and forming a meaningful bond.

Any film about time loops is bound to be compared to Bill Murray’s classic. groundhog daybut palm springswhich premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, is holding up pretty well on its own.

In the Californian desert resort town, Niles (Adam Samberg) accompanies his girlfriend to a wedding where he runs into bridesmaid Sarah (Christine Milioti).

Once the duo hit it off, their spontaneous night of passion was disrupted by a mysterious intruder (J.K. Simmons) who dragged Niles into an eerie glowing cave. Sarah follows them, only to wake up to find that everything is back to how it was the day before.

Niles in his groundhog day scenario where Sarah joins him in replay mode.

Lots of fun then follows as she tries to make sense of her new normal through episodes of panic, disbelief and cockiness, even as a deadpan Niles gulps down his can of beer and spills it. gyan about the futility of resistance and the bright side of a suffering existence against the perfect backdrop of a postcard.

Sarah and Niles develop an affectionate relationship as they walk in circles that we care about and feel involved in.

There is craziness and method in their interactions, depth and boldness as they let their hair down and discuss restraint in the absence of consequences for being too much.

There’s a strange funny energy palm springs, his cynical wit and unruly atmosphere, especially when he turns all of his secondary characters to dust and pokes fun at their inevitability, allowing Niles and Sarah to play God. But it’s not until the two confront their own demons and devastation that something truly eternal comes to the surface.

If Samberg’s genius comes through in his hilarious spellcaster, whose crushing vulnerability gives the series its very core, Milioti shines onscreen with all her sass and insight.

Not only do they lend weight and humor to this wonderfully clever and refreshing take on a familiar premise, but they also lend enough nuance to his fable to be discovered and savored with every new viewing.

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