OWith the Bond franchise taking itself pretty seriously these days, and Bond himself missing, there’s a vacancy for a wise, globetrotting secret agent with a taste for the high life. And Jason Statham hereby throws his hat into the ring. In this flashy but hollow action adventure from Guy Ritchie, Statham plays Orson Fortune, a spy with a formidable skill set and an expense account to match. Orson’s team, including minxy tech genius Sarah (Aubrey Plaza), are employed by the British government to investigate the theft of a mysterious object and secure it – whatever it is – before it never reaches the black market. The deal is brokered by a sleazy arms dealer, Greg Simmonds (Hugh Grant).

And here’s the thing for Statham’s super spy: for all the Ukrainian mobsters he craves and the helicopters he flies, Orson Fortune just isn’t particularly interesting or fleshed out as a character. Plaza and Grant, meanwhile, steal every scene they touch.