Home Technology OpenAI Brings ChatGPT to Android as AI Boom Continues

OpenAI Brings ChatGPT to Android as AI Boom Continues

OpenAI Brings ChatGPT to Android as AI Boom Continues


Latest Technology News: OpenAI Brings ChatGPT to Android as AI Boom Continues

The artificial intelligence boom shows no signs of slowing down and OpenAI today announced that it will release an Android version of its popular ChatGPT chatbot next week. This AI sidekick will now be available 24/7 in your pocket if you’re using an Android phone, as it has been for iOS users since May.

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm with its ability to generate consistent and thoughtful responses to natural language prompts. Starting next week, Android users will have the option to ask him to explain quantum physics or compose a haiku on the go. Pre-registrations are open now via Google play store.

This news follows OpenAI revealing increased efforts to make its systems more secure and transparent through initiatives such as content watermarking. The company has come under scrutiny over its AI generating misinformation or being used to cheat. Although beneficial in many ways, these powerful generative models still require caution and ethical implementation.

OpenAI pointed out that the Android app will have improved protections over the web version and include features such as syncing chat history across devices. The existing iOS app is similarly equipped.

The timing lines up with Google unveiling its own chatbot Bard and other tech giants jumping into the AI ​​space. Startups are also multiplying rapidly, such as Anthropic with its assistant Claude 2, which allows users to place orders more than 10 times larger than the limits set by OpenAI in its paid version of ChatGPT. In contrast, traffic to the OpenAIs chatbot fell this month for the first time since its launch.

The launch of its native Android and iOS app puts OpenAI in direct competition with Microsofts Bing Chat, which also uses OpenAIs GPT-4 technology and was a way to test the Large Language Model (LLM) without using a web browser.

This machine learning boom also extends beyond chatbots. AI is moving from a novelty toy to a serious business tool, replacing human jobs in writing, coding, church services, and more. The impacts on society could be immense, requiring heightened scrutiny on issues such as privacy and bias.

For now, though, having an eloquent companion ready to explain arcane mathematical theories or compose sonnets might sound enticing enough to download ChatGPT when it hits the Google Play Store next week.


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