The first foldable OnePlus is reportedly just around the corner and looks like everything we could want from a foldable device. Whether it’s the OnePlus V Fold or the OnePlus Open, we’re very excited about it. We’re not here to talk about it today as rumors of the upcoming OnePlus 12 are here to steal the headlines.

Rumor has it that the OnePlus 12 will be launched at the end of the year and looks like a strange knockoff of the OnePlus 11. The first renders of the device appeared just a week ago to start planting this idea in our minds.

This week, @onleaks has published a list of features believed to belong to the OnePlus 12. Since OnePlus has abandoned the “Pro” naming scheme, we expect the OnePlus 12 to be very premium, just like the OnePlus 11.

Here are the expected specs:

  • display: 6.7″ 2K LTPO OLED with 120Hz refresh rate
  • Chip: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 3rd generation
  • storage: 256 GB UFS 4.0
  • Battery: 5400mAh (100W wired, 50W wireless)
  • rear camera: 50 MP main, 50 MP ultra wide, 64 MP telephoto
  • Front camera: 32 MP
  • OS: Android 14, OxygenOS 14

It looks like a pretty typical list of flagship specs. If anything stands out, it’s the old big 5400mAh battery and the new Qualcomm chip. This chip is due to go official in October, so it’s in line with the OnePlus 12 launch schedule as early as December. The battery is a significant upgrade from the 5,000mAh battery used in the OnePlus 11.

But what about the rest? Have we found the moment when it became impossible to stand out? For example, aside from Google making weird temperature sensors, it’s like a list of specs for every phone right now.

// smartprix