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One UI 5 Upgrade Inbound for Galaxy Watch

One UI 5 Upgrade Inbound for Galaxy Watch


Samsung announced One user interface 5 this morning for three lines of its Galaxy smartwatches – the Galaxy Watch 4 line, Galaxy Watch 5and the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 line (name not confirmed). Inside, users will find a set of updated and new features, which we will cover below.

One UI 5, first released as a beta for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 families this month, focuses on a more “holistic” sleep experience through understanding individual sleep patterns. To do this, Galaxy Watch owners can now use a range of metrics such as snoring hours, blood oxygen levels and sleep phases to gauge last night’s sleep.

Samsung also mentions smarter fitness, with a personalized heart rate zone added to the personalized running tools. This feature analyzes the individual’s physical abilities during training, and also allows you to set your own fitness goals.

Security is the last part of the update that Samsung is shutting down. Fall detection can now be enabled by default for older users, as well as an update to the SOS feature that allows you to directly contact an emergency number to share location and medical information.

Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 owners can sign up for the One UI 5 beta test on the Samsung Members app starting this month. The first devices with One UI 5 will be the Galaxy Watch 6 models, which are scheduled for release later this year. How amazing.

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