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JEDDAH: Founded by Saudi author Ghaida Rafeeq in 2018, Writer Hubs supports local talent through writing sessions, workshops and community building.

The Writing Club is located at the Jeddah University of Business and Technology, where aspiring writers, authors, and students can learn the basics of writing, exchange ideas, and attend book signing events featuring well-known literary minds.

The club was created when Rafeeq, the author of the Arabic novel Behind the Shadows, noticed a lack of communication among writers in Jeddah and decided to step in with his expertise, interest and skills.

Ghaida Rafeeq, Saudi writer

Rafeeq told Arab News: It’s a community where writers can help and support each other through the publishing process and the different stages after starting their first novel.

You need direction when you start writing, this will allow you to do so.

Although her family was initially skeptical of the viability of a writing club, Rafeeq found tremendous support from writers and from UBT, where she was studying at the time.

Writer Hubs is a club for aspiring local writers who want to improve their craft through weekly workshops with authors. (Instagram/Writershubs)

The club’s success and longevity is due to Rafeeq’s ability to connect with the public, aided by his public speaking skills, welcoming attitude and generosity in helping fellow writers.

Rafeeq has participated with the club in various events in Jeddah including the Jeddah Book Fair and TEDx. She plans to expand the community to include Riyadh, Dammam and other Saudi cities.

She said: I want to expand this community, so that writers from the Arab world can come to Arabia just to attend the workshops and join the community.

It’s a community where writers can help and support each other through the publishing process and the various stages after starting their first novel.

Ghaida Rafeeqsaudi writer

Currently, Writer Hubs focuses on weekly sessions that include an hour with an author, during which they discuss their book and answer questions, followed by an hour-long workshop.

An event called Revive is organized by the club every year and recently took place this year. It included remedial writing classes and workshops for authors facing writer’s block or wanting to boost their creative output.

Rafeeq said: We are giving writers the opportunity to present some of their unpublished work to the public so they can get feedback that might be helpful.

Writer Hubs is a club for aspiring local writers who want to improve their craft through weekly workshops with authors. (Instagram/Writershubs)

After publishing her own novel in 2018, Rafeeq continued to pursue her love of writing and also focused on earning her degree in Advertising Communications from UBT.

She added: My goal is to never stop writing because although some writers have writer’s blocks and quits, our community will help them get back to their craft.

She started another community project called Womens Hub a year ago, where she meets other women authors and discusses tips on remedial writing.


Writer Hubs organizes weekly sessions in various cafes in Jeddah.

The creativity club was created by Ghaida Rafeeq, author of the Arabic novel Behind the Shadows.

She also organizes Womens Hub, a similar initiative specifically aimed at female authors.

She added: Womens Hub primarily focuses on topics that appeal to women. We ask questions and they answer to find out more about who they are.

It looks like a women’s circle where women can freely express their feelings and emotions. We have already had almost 16 sessions and continue to move forward with a new topic each time.

Rafeeq initially held sessions at local cafes, but later discovered a Jeddah-based creative hub called Jasmine Hub that provided support.

The next Writer Hubs session will take place on July 29 in Jeddah. (Provided)

She said: Jasmine Hub, a talent and arts management and development center, sponsored me. Thanks to our collaboration, the community obtained a gathering place and a safe place for us.

Writer Hubs sessions were put on hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic, which made him realize the importance of writing communities.

She added: The writers missed these sessions so much that I realized how important they were to them. They started contacting me on social media to inquire about the next session.

Rafeeq shared that organizing the community brings her a sense of happiness as she is able to give back and help people start writing.

Speaking about the overall experience of her own literary career, she added: As a writer, I have gained a lot of knowledge through workshops and sessions.

I also gained many new friends, including members of the Ministry of Culture, and through these connections I was able to help and encourage many budding writers.

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