Pre-orders for Nothing Phone (2) are already open for those who read yesterday’s announcement and decided that this will be their next phone. For the rest of you who are waiting for a little more information (like the Nothing Phone 2 reviews), we promise it will be coming soon.

Today, as I have a phone and can’t wait to share more, I’d like to point out some of the new software features included with Nothing that might help you decide whether to buy it or not. This phone runs Nothing OS 2.0 on top of Android 13 and has some pretty cool tricks up its sleeve that you might not see on any other phone.

Here are five of the most interesting features of the Nothing Phone (2).

Returned widgets to the lock screen

Nothing OS Lock Screen Widgets

They don’t even joke here – Nothing added lock screen widgets to the phone (2) and Nothing OS. Unlike the old days of Android, where you could only place widgets in the sidebar, or on Samsung phones, where they were also in the sidebar, Nothing allows you to place them on your home lock screen.

In the settings, when you open the “Lock screen and AOD” area, you will find a button for the lock screen widgets. Clicking on it opens a customization screen with a 4×2 area where you can add items. Nothing offers various clock and weather widgets, as well as quick settings shortcuts that can do things like turn on the flashlight, switch the phone to dark mode, open the QR scanner, open the calculator, and more.

So we’re clear, I’m not talking about the lock screen shortcuts that are found in the bottom left and right corners of most Android phones. Nothing Phone (2) has them too, in addition to these new widgets on the lock screen.

The monochrome theme is relevant

Nothing OS 2.0 has added a new monochrome theme, and it does exactly what you think – turns everything white and/or black. It is very similar to the full theme and includes icons. No one has found a way to add a white or black mask to every icon on the phone so no app looks weird.

If you long press on the home screen and select “Settings”, you’ll see an option for an icon pack. If you select “Nothing”, all your icons will turn white, but then turn black when you apply the dark system theme. Widgets will also match if you use the ones made by Nothing.

Monochrome theme for Nothing OS

Home screen customization is back

Customizing the Nothing home screen (2) is a step up from the Pixel phone. You can of course use the traditional setup with your favorite apps and folders and select widgets, but you can also take advantage of a few improvements that did nothing.

For example, you can get rid of labels on icons to make more space for more things. You can change the size of individual icons to a larger size to give them a different look or simply to make them easier to access. This also works with folders. Speaking of folders, Nothing lets you customize their cover, so instead of seeing a mini preview of the folder’s apps, you can change it to a cat, a shopping bag, or a wrench, as you’ll see on some of my icons. higher.

Nothing also includes multiple widgets. Not only do they offer clock and weather options in all sizes, they have widgets that work with their Nothing headphones and the same quick settings widget shortcuts we talked about for the lock screen.

Important notices in Glyph

The Glyph interface is a big part of working with Nothing Phone, and you already know that Nothing has added more LEDs and changed the feature set. One particular feature that you might find useful is called Essential Notifications.

When notifications arrive on your phone, you can press and hold them and then set them as important. This may be for a specific contact or application. After installing and flipping your phone to see the Glyph indicators on the back, the indicator will continue to glow in the top right corner if the notification comes as important. It’s like you flag certain contacts or apps during Do Not Disturb mode so they keep pinging you. This is for those who want to unwind from time to time but still need to essentials.

Nothing Phone 2 Glyphc

AirPods support

This last feature is a little silly, but the Nothing understands that people love their AirPods and might consider getting a Nothing phone. So they built in an experimental feature that recognizes AirPods and then shows their battery status and icon, just like most other headphones.

Nothing Phone 2 - AirPods

So, you have a set of software-related features worth noting in Nothing Phone (2) that could very well help it stand out.

More coming soon!