Latest World News: No, this video does not show a poisonous snake inside Capsic

A video showing a worm inside a bell pepper is being shared online with a false and alarmist claim that it shows the world’s smallest poisonous snake. BOOM discovered that the insect is a roundworm or nematode, which is non-venomous in nature.

The 2-minute video shows a person digging up the threadlike, white-colored insect from inside a bell pepper.

It is shared with the caption: “It is called the *smallest poisonous snake in the world and it is often found inside the green pepper. *Please always cut your green pepper* before you start using it, even if it is for grinding, because it is poisonous even when used for salad.”

Click on here to see the tweet and here for an archive.

Click on here to see the tweet and here for an archive.

We found the video also went viral in 2019 with the same claim. View Items here And here.


BOOM discovered that the insect is a nematode, also known as a roundworm, and is non-toxic.

We contacted Professor Mukhtar Ahmad Khan, Chairman of the Department of Zoology at Aligarh Muslim University, who confirmed that the virus claims were false. “It’s not a snake. It appears to be a nematode, which is not poisonous in nature,” he said, adding that the university’s nematology section would provide a detailed report on the insect. This article will be updated when the report arrives.

Professor Khan added that all poisons, whether from a cobra or any other snake, are organic and lose their potency once heated. He further assured that “there is nothing to worry about” regarding the health effects of nematodes.

A photo of a nematode can be seen below:

Click on here look.

Besides plants and crops, nematodes are found in deserts, floor, swamps, oceans and other marine environments. Their species number in the millions and they mainly feeds on fungi, bacteria and plants. According to American Society for Plant Pathology, most nematode species have no effect on humans. While some nematodes release bacteria to promote plant growth, others feed on insects and control crop pests. THE Asian Pharmacy Journal recommends washing and disinfecting vegetables thoroughly before consumption in order to avoid the transmission of nematode larvae.

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