Home News NGT suspects heavy pollution of river waters during this monsoon

NGT suspects heavy pollution of river waters during this monsoon

NGT suspects heavy pollution of river waters during this monsoon


Latest Kerala Local News: NGT suspects heavy pollution of river waters during this monsoon

KOCHI: Rivers, including Kadambrayar and Chitrapuzha, are often contaminated during the monsoon season by riverbank runoff. Suspecting that this time it could be even higher due to fallout from brahmāpuram fire, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) expressed concern during the hearing of the Brahmapuram fire case. The green court has asked the state government to file a full report next week regarding waste management at the yard so far and future plans.

The court instructed the Local Government Department (LSGD) to coordinate with the Water Resources Department and the Health Department to monitor river water pollution. The case will be heard on August 1.
“Based on the instructions of the state-appointed technical committee composed of engineers from LSGD, Pollution Control Bureau (pcb) and irrigation services, we’ve covered the burnt piles with tarpaulin leaves in Brahmapuram so that it does not flow into nearby water bodies,” Kochi Mayor Anilkumar said.

However, officials said this would not stop the contamination as the land is swampy and much of it has already seeped into the waters. PCB officials said the company has taken some steps and they will need to be assessed.
According to the PCB River Rejuvenation Report submitted in March, contamination levels of Chitrapuzha and Kadambrayar rivers at various points indicate high levels of heavy metal and coliform bacteria contamination.
“Everyone knows that the contamination is high. What we need to know is what the contaminants are and also the presence of its impact on the soil and marine life. What should have been done is the sampling of the waters up to Tripunithura immediately and the reports should have been made public so that people take precautions,” said environmentalist CM Joy.
According to the PCB report, local bodies including Vadavucode-Puthencruz and Tripunithura have set up inspection and monitoring teams to monitor pollution of the rivers by individuals and organizations. A joint effluent treatment plant has become operational in Chitrapuzha and compliance is being monitored. The Municipality of Thrikkakara has begun to identify and sanction major polluters, including apartments, hospitals, gas stations, markets and industries up the river.
However, green activists say this is all just eyewash.
“In Pathalam, nothing is being done for Periyar River Action Plan. When we collected mud and sediment samples at Kuzhikkandam Thodu and showed the reports to PCB, they said their reports showed zero values ​​for DDT, BHC, etc. while we found the presence of contaminants. We asked them to collect the samples for us and we took them for testing. said Periyar Maleenikarana Virudha Samithi, research coordinator. Eloor Purushan.


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