We’re still trying to decide whether or not 5G is important in life, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least update regularly on which 5G network from US carriers is considered the best. We should always keep an eye on the competition to see if we can improve any part of our technology-filled world. Today, as a way to do that, we have another 5G report from Ookla Speedtest and the winner is not going to surprise you.

The winner here is known because it’s T-Mobile again. In recent years, T-Mobile almost always wins these 5G network reports from Ookla. In fact, for at least the last two years (and I’m pretty sure it goes even further), T-Mobile has dominated Speedtest’s findings.

In this new Q2 2023 market report, T-Mobile reported the fastest median download speeds (164Mbps), fastest median download speeds (12Mbps), lowest multi-server latency (54ms ), highest consistency score (86.1%), highest video score (74.39), highest 5G video score (78.70), highest median 5G download speed (220Mbps), lowest latency multiple 5G servers (51ms) and the highest 5G consistency score (75.9%).

If you’re wondering how many categories Verizon and AT&T have won the crown in, the answer is none. These were all the categories in this report that were specific to the network, and T-Mobile outperformed every one of them.

You’ll find that video scores, latency, download speeds, and consistency across all carriers were pretty close. Where T-Mobile excels is in sheer speed on the download side, where they are more than double the overall speed of Verizon’s network, which is in 2nd place. When it comes to 5G, they almost double the speed of Verizon, which came in second.

As a result, Samsung phones show higher average download and upload speeds than iPhones. This report also found Qualcomm’s chips to deliver the fastest speeds, although Google’s Tensor G2 showed the lowest latency.

And finally, if you prefer to know the details from different places, such as which carrier was the fastest in states and cities, you will find it by following this link below. New Jersey had the best speeds and T-Mobile was the fastest provider. Alaska was the slowest state, and Wyoming was next to last. In cities, Kansas City, Missouri was the fastest again, and T-Mobile was the fastest again.

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