Remember how obsessed everyone was with Glass onion: a mystery at loggerheads sometime ago ? Well, it might be time for a second part.

No, there isn’t yet a new episode in the series itself, but there is still something new for fans: a director’s commentary.

On Wednesday, Netflix announced that writer/director Rian Johnson’s thoughtful version of the film will premiere on the platform at 10 p.m. PT on Thursday.

So, what exactly will this comment look like? Well, we don’t know the exact details, but traditionally it would be a version of the film with Johnson literally commenting above, sharing his thoughts behind certain scenes, his motivations, ideas, etc. you used to get on DVD extras.

It may not work for all movies, but for a movie with so many sneaky cameos And hidden clues as Glass Onionthis will surely capture some interest.

Waiting, waiting for it to fall, why not come back to it winding end and that possible Knives out 3 hint?

Glass onion: a mystery at loggerheads(Opens in a new tab) The director’s commentary is available to stream on Netflix starting at 10 p.m. PT.