Of all the great epics directed to the Cannes film festival this month – Martin Scorsese The Moonflower Slayersby Wes Anderson city ​​of asteroidsby Karim Ainouz Brandon – Todd Haynes’ latest offer remains one of the most anticipated: may decemberan emotionally charged drama following a woman in the public eye (Julianne Moore) whose life will be dramatized, with a leading actor (Natalie Portman) ready to play it.

May, the 1st, Variety revealed the first photo from the project, which shows Portman taking notes as Moore looks in a mirror, preparing to do her makeup. The latter takes on the role of Gracie Atherton-Yu, whose romance with Joe (Riverdaledashing Charles Melton), an employee more than two decades his junior, sparks a tabloid scandal that grips the nation. Several years later, the couple are now married and preparing to send their children (Piper Curda, Elizabeth Yu and Gabriel Chung) to college, and Joe agrees to become an empty nest at just 36 years old.

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That’s when Portman’s Elizabeth Berry comes home, a Hollywood heavyweight who wants to spend time with the family and get a better understanding of Gracie before casting her in an upcoming movie. Probing their story as deeply as possible to ensure she can give an authentic performance, Elizabeth triggers a family-wide crisis, as each character is forced to confront and process the past, and slowly feels her life unfold accordingly.

Given the scale of the tale, its two Oscar-winning stars, and Haynes’ track record of producing lavish melodramas, awards glory could very well be on the horizon in 2024. For now, though, all all eyes are on the Croisette, for what should be a fittingly sumptuous premiere.