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Must unlock more Apex Legends Mobile Swag

Must unlock more Apex Legends Mobile Swag


Pre-registration for Apex Legends for mobile has been open since March 17 on Google Play and the Apple App Store. By the looks of it, a lot of people have signed up to be notified when the game goes live, which is pre-registration, so many that EA has added two additional unlockable levels. Unfortunately, the resulting in-game loot for reaching those high pre-registration numbers is on the boring side.

If players reach 15,000,000 registrations, you will unlock a holographic spray. Oh wow thanks. If you all somehow manage to reach 25,000,000 registrations, everyone will receive an epic skin for the Pathfinder character (pictured above). And no, while the Epic skins are fine, they’re not the best you can get, and this one in particular looks pretty boring.

Already unlocked goodies

Players have already reached 10,000,000 signups by unlocking a bunch of other semi-lame gaming goodies. There is a banner pose, icon, R99 skin, and also an epic Bloodhound skin. It’s all beautiful uh, especially considering what game we’re talking about. This is Apex Legends, one of the very few non-Fortnite battle royale games that survived the first wave of early adopters. This game is still going strong, so when it hits mobile, I guess I was expecting a little more in terms of unlockable swag. Well, that’s okay.

If you’d like to pre-register for Apex Legends Mobile, which will be available on your Android phone this summer, please follow the link below.

Link to google play

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