While a passenger was watching a movie on his phone while traveling by plane, he was startled by a bloodcurdling scream behind him. He was a child who was afraid of the film he was watching.

Sharing his story with the subreddit, r/AmITheA–hole, the 19-year-old revealed how he was scolded by another passenger’s mother during a recent flight. On his way home to visit his parents, the man decided to watch a movie on his phone to pass the time during the six-hour flight.

When a child behind him got scared while watching his movie, a mother yelled at him.

He was watching the movie “Deadpool 2,” which is rated R for and features violence. A particular scene represents the main character, split in two, which could be considered as graphic and disturbing — especially if you are a child.

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As the man watched this scene, he heard a scream behind him. The scream was muffled because he was wearing headphones. “I take out my headphones and there’s a small child behind me, crying, “ he wrote. “He had positioned himself so he could look at my screen and saw it tear.”

The child’s mother criticized him for watching an inappropriate movie in front of his children.

Although the man was unaware of the child behind him during the flight, his mother blamed him for not being more aware of his surroundings. “His mother got mad at me and yelled that I shouldn’t watch this stuff, especially in front of kids,” he wrote. “But I didn’t know anyone was watching me, and this kid should have forced himself into this weird position to see my phone screen.”


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