This news may have been spoiled a few weeks ago thanks to an early listing, but it’s now official – the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5 is a real watch and is available now. It’s a notable release because it’s Qualcomm’s first with a new wearable chip, Mobvoi’s first with Wear OS 3, and the first major challenge to Samsung and Google smartwatches in some time.

For those who missed the previous leak, here’s what’s new in TicWatch Pro 5.

Mobvoi is the first to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 chip introduced almost a year ago. We’re not sure why no one has picked up this next-gen 4nm chip from Qualcomm, which is showing signs of major improvement (on paper), but here we are. This should tell us a lot about the next few years of Wear OS watches from other players in space, assuming they too much plan to launch the W5+ watch. This new chip is expected to significantly improve power efficiency, connectivity and performance.

Aside from the chip, Mobvoi brings back its dual-layer display with a low-power 1.43-inch external display that shows important metrics and times, while the main OLED display delivers colors and the traditional Wear OS experience. You’ll also get a huge 628mAh battery with fast charging, 2GB RAM and 32GB storage, Bluetooth 5.2, WiFi, NFC, GPS, speaker and microphone, compass, heart rate and SpO2 sensors, skin temperature sensor, and 5ATM water resistance. in a 50mm 7000 series aluminum case that accepts 24mm straps.

For the first time, Mobvoi includes a haptic feedback rotary head that lets you navigate apps, adjust volume, zoom in and out on Maps, and more.

TicWatch Pro 5 Specifications - Features

Since this is a Mobvoi “Pro” watch, there is a theme of health tracking and learning around it. TicWatch Pro 5 can track over 100 workout types, give you a VO2 Max estimate, talk to you about recovery time, and measure multiple health metrics with just a tap. It will provide advanced sleep tracking (wake, REM and deep sleep phases, skin temperature, SpO2 and more), 24-hour heart rate monitoring and help you explore nature with barometer, altimeter, compass and GPS. .

By all means, it’s a big, fitness-focused Wear OS watch that we’re happy to dive into. We’ll see how good Wear OS 3 is on the TicWatch Pro5, test all the fitness stuff, and let you know if a 50mm watch can fit comfortably on our wrists.

Of course, since this is a Mobvoi watch, we have to offer our typical warning about future software updates. While this is launching with the newness of Wear OS, keep in mind that Mobvoi has a pretty lousy history when it comes to updating their watches. Time will tell with this.

You can buy the TicWatch Pro 5 right now if that all sounds good. It costs $349 and comes in Jet Black Obsidian.

Buy TicWatch Pro 5: Amazon | mobvoy

TikWatch Pro 5


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