After causing a stir with his ironic comments banning “grotes and homophobes” from watching any of his work, Michael Imperioli clarified his remarks, which apparently did not land for some people.

“After turning down invitations to appear on various news programs, I thought it best to just clarify,” Imperioli wrote Tuesday on instagram. “Some people did not understand the irony I was expressing, so I thought I would be more explicit… The message referred to here was a satirical and symbolic version of where blatantly discriminatory decisions of the Supreme Court are leading us as a nation: into total division and possibly much worse.

The ‘The White Lotus’ actor’s first comments followed the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that upheld a Colorado-based Christian web designer’s ability to refuse to create websites wedding for LGBTQ couples. The decision, ruled in favor by six conservative judges, asserted the creator’s right to refuse LGBTQ customers on religious grounds.

Following news of the decision, Imperioli satirized the implications of the decision by stating that “bigots and homophobes” cannot watch any TV or film project in which he appears.

“I have decided to ban fanatics and homophobes from watching ‘The Sopranos’, ‘The White Lotus’, ‘Goodfellas’ or any movie or TV show I have been in,” the actor wrote in an Instagram post next to a news article. detailing the Supreme Court’s decision. “Thank you to the Supreme Court for allowing me to discriminate against and exclude those with whom I disagree and oppose. UNITED STATES! UNITED STATES!”

For those who did not understand the meaning of his irony, Imperioli clarified his beliefs, clearly explaining what he stands for.

“I believe in religious freedom, freedom of expression and the right of individuals to pursue happiness,” he continued. “I also believe in the separation of church and state as stated in the First Amendment. I believe that all people, regardless of race, religion, color, creed, sex, or sexuality, are entitled to freedom, equality, rights and protection under the laws of our nation.And I vehemently oppose hatred, prejudice and bigotry and have always done so.

“Anyway, the message certainly got the message across to most and did its job,” Imperioli concluded. “End of the story.”