The IEEE Board of Directors determines the future direction of the IEEE and is committed to ensuring that the IEEE remains a strong and dynamic organization that serves the needs of its members and the engineering and technology communities around the world, while fulfilling the IEEE’s mission of advancing technology for the benefit of mankind.

This article features IEEE Board Members Jill Gostin, Stephanie White, and Yu Yuan.

IEEE Senior Member Jill Gostin

Director and Vice President, Member and Geographic Activities

Photo of a woman wearing glasses and a purple jacket.Jill Gostin, Senior Member of the IEEE, is the Director and Vice President of the IEEE Member and Geographic Activity.Nathan Gostin

Gostin is a dedicated mathematician and social activist whose work involves systems engineering, algorithm evaluation, and software testing and evaluation, especially those related to sensory systems. She is the lead research scientist for applied research programs related to sensors and electromagnetic applications.

Her current work is focused on open architecture sensor systems that allow systems to reuse existing technologies while providing the flexibility to quickly upgrade an existing system component or replace new technologies. Gostin uses a model-based systems engineering approach to develop an open architecture and associated standard. By providing a standard for defining interfaces between system components, modifications and innovations can be implemented quickly and easily.

Gostin, an active IEEE volunteer, has served on the IEEE Future Directions Committee, on the Board of Governors of the IEEE Computer Society and the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society, and as Finance Vice President of the IEEE Sensors Council, among many other IEEE roles. She believes in leading by example and says it’s important to help others advance in their careers. Through the IEEE Computer Society, she has been a spokesperson for the IEEE Women in Engineering program, which works to increase the representation of women in engineering disciplines. Gostin has also been a STEM tutor in middle and high school math and science; and as a contributor to discussions about women in technology.

She has authored or co-authored several technical articles and has received numerous technical and service awards. In 2016, she was named Georgia Tech Woman of the Year for Medium Business. This award honors women technology leaders for their achievements as business leaders, technology visionaries, and those who contribute to their community.

IEEE Life Senior Member Stephanie White

Director, Unit X

Photo of a smiling woman in glasses.  IEEE Life Senior Member Stephanie White is the director of IEEE Division X.William Pallac

White is an educator, technical lead, corporate manager, and entrepreneur. She is a pioneer in software and system requirements engineering, making significant and lasting contributions in the fields of behavior modeling, requirements semantics, and requirements analysis, leading to less costly and more secure cyber-physical systems.

As Principal Requirements and Architecture Engineer, White was responsible for finding errors in requirements for eight multi-million dollar aircraft and space programs, producing higher quality specifications at lower cost and risk. Recognizing the need for testable methods that practicing engineers can use, she created scalable and practical modeling and analysis methods based on formal methods. Its methods have been used to ensure the correctness of aviation and space programs.

Responding to the need for research into engineering systems, in which computer systems play an important role, she founded the IEEE Technical Committee on Computer Systems Engineering in 1990. This area of ​​research is now known as cyber-physical systems engineering.

White, an IEEE Life Volunteer, has served in numerous positions, including President of the IEEE Systems Council and Vice President of Technical Activities of the IEEE Computer Society (also served on its Board of Governors from 2006 to 2008). She wants to use her current position at the IEEE to improve the return on investment of members, expand the IEEE membership base, and advance technology for the benefit of humanity.

White is currently an honorary senior professor and teaches systems science, systems engineering, and computer science. She still participates in dissertation commissions. In 2013, White received the IEEE-USA Divisional Professional Leadership Award for inspiring women to study and work in STEM and for leadership in diversity initiatives.

IEEE Senior Member Yu Yuan

Director and President of the IEEE Standards Association

The photo shows a man in a dark jacket.  Yu Yuan, senior member of the IEEE, is director and president of the IEEE Standards Association.Yu Yuan

Yuan is a scientist, inventor and entrepreneur. His work in consumer technology, multimedia, virtual reality, the Internet of Things and digital transformation has had a significant impact on industry and society. His current work is focused on developing the technologies, infrastructures, ecosystems and resources needed for massively multiplayer ultra-realistic virtual games.

Yuan is also working to build an international platform for metaverse incubation and collaboration, providing access to knowledge and resources to develop the metaverse. His efforts have enabled a new generation of innovators and creators to push the boundaries of the digital experience, ushering in a new era of immersive, connected and intelligent technology.

Yuan has been an IEEE volunteer for many years. His contributions to IEEE standardization activities at various levels (Working Groups, Standards Committees, and higher levels of governance) have been widely recognized by standards developers, individual members, and organizations around the world. As current president of the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA), he plays a key role in shaping global standards, promoting collaboration and innovation in the technology sector. He believes there is room for significant growth and global influence for IEEE SA. It aims to encourage, support and protect innovation in standards and the standards development process.

Yuan is also a member of the IEEE Consumer Technology Society and a full member of the Society’s Board of Governors. From 2015 to 2020, he chaired the IEEE Consumer Technology Society’s Standards Committee to elevate the society’s standardization activities from zero to the top of the IEEE technical societies and councils. The committee received the 2019 IEEE SA Standards Committee Award for exceptional leadership in organization-based standards development and industry engagement in consumer technology.