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In today’s ever-evolving world, keeping our environment safe has become paramount. Traditional surveillance and security methods often do not meet the requirements of accuracy, reliability and adaptability. Recognizing this need for a smarter solution, Robotnik, a robotics company fully committed to precision engineering and unparalleled expertise, shaping the future with its pioneering achievements, has developed the RB-WATCHER. This is a collaborative mobile robot designed specifically for surveillance and security tasks. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, RB-WATCHER is set to revolutionize our approach to surveillance in a variety of environments.

Intelligence, accuracy, features and reliability

The intelligence of the RB-WATCHER lies not only in its ability to navigate autonomously, but also in its suite of intelligent features. Whether it’s detecting the presence of a person, monitoring a designated area or identifying intruders, collecting critical data or identifying potential fires, RB-WATCHER’s advanced algorithms and sensors provide unrivaled accuracy. This mobile robot autonomously performs a wide range of surveillance tasks with exceptional accuracy.

Surveillance and security tasks require the utmost precision and reliability to detect, prevent and overcome potential hazards and risks. The RB-WATCHER has been carefully designed with these requirements in mind, delivering unrivaled performance in a variety of operating environments.

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Specifications that unlock the power of offline capabilities

This surveillance and security robot stands out for its autonomous capabilities, allowing it to operate efficiently even in complex and dynamic environments. Equipped with state-of-the-art control and navigation sensors, this robotic platform combines several technologies to ensure smooth operation. Among its impressive array of sensors are the bispectral camera, front camera, RTK GPS and microphone, all of which work in harmony to provide comprehensive surveillance coverage. Let’s take a closer look at the technical specifications of the RB-WATCHER.

Standing out from their competitors, RB-WATCHER inspection sensors play a key role in surveillance capabilities. The Pan-Tilt-Zoom bispectral camera captures high-resolution images and the microphone transmits audio information in real time, enhancing situational awareness and threat detection capabilities.

Communication with RB-WATCHER is flawless as it is equipped with a 4G router for real-time data transmission. In addition, an optional 5G router and Smart Radio support ensure compatibility with the latest communication technologies, keeping RB-WATCHER at the forefront of connectivity advances.

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Navigation and localization are important aspects of RB-WATCHER operation. Equipped with a front-facing depth camera, an inertial measurement unit (IMU), 3D LIDAR, and advanced 3D SLAM and 2D SLAM technologies, the RB-WATCHER provides precise movement and accurate mapping of its surroundings. Real-time kinematic GPS (RTK) integration further enhances its location awareness, making it an ideal choice for large open spaces.

RB-WATCHER also offers many impressive technical features that solidify its position as the industry leader. With dimensions of 790 x 614 x 856 mm and a weight of 62 kg, the RB-WATCHER strikes a balance between compactness and power. Its payload capacity of up to 65 kg allows you to effectively solve various surveillance tasks, and its maximum speed of 2.5 m/s allows you to quickly and efficiently cover designated areas. This versatility makes the RB-WATCHER suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, further expanding its range of applications.

Designed to work in harsh environments, the RB-WATCHER boasts an IP53 rating for protection against dust and splash water. Its temperature range from -10ºC to +45ºC ensures reliable performance in a wide range of environments. In addition, the robot’s ability to climb grades up to 80% demonstrates its exceptional adaptability and provides all-round surveillance.

Surveillance and security at its finest

As a vital component of the portfolio of services offered by private security and surveillance companies, one of RB-WATCHER’s main strengths lies in its ability to perform surveillance and security tasks across a variety of industries. RB-WATCHER provides a powerful solution that allows them to expand their offerings and deliver value to their customers in multiple ways. The autonomous mobile robot does an excellent job of patrolling pre-defined areas, detecting objects, people and identifying potential fire hazards. Versatility and reliability make RB-WATCHER an ideal choice for private security and surveillance companies, allowing them to provide comprehensive and advanced services to their customers.

Reliability: the hallmark of RB-WATCHER

When it comes to security and surveillance robots, reliability is non-negotiable. The RB-WATCHER from Robotnik inspires confidence with its robust design and reliable performance. Built to work in challenging environments, the RB-WATCHER performs flawlessly, consistently providing accurate data for efficient decision making. With this trusted companion by your side, you can rest assured that your surveillance and security tasks are in good hands.

Free navigation for unlimited surveillance

RB-WATCHER frees you from the limitations of traditional surveillance methods. With free-navigation capabilities, this collaborative mobile robot navigates efficiently across diverse landscapes, effortlessly navigating obstacles. By dynamically adapting to changing conditions, RB-WATCHER guarantees comprehensive surveillance, leaving no stone in the way of safety.


The RB-WATCHER from Robotnik sets a new standard in security and surveillance robots. Combining accuracy, reliability and autonomous capabilities, RB-WATCHER is changing the way you approach surveillance tasks in a rapidly changing world. With its impressive sensing, versatility and smart features, the RB-WATCHER is a testament to Robotnik’s commitment to innovation and safety. As we continue to implement technological advances, RB-WATCHER is paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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