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Meet MetaGPT: A GPT-4 Powered Application That Can Build Websites, Apps, and More Based Only on Natural Language Prompts

Meet MetaGPT: A GPT-4 Powered Application That Can Build Websites, Apps, and More Based Only on Natural Language Prompts


As big language models have taken the field of artificial intelligence by storm, every science fiction movie an entire generation grew up watching, people speculating about an era ruled by robots, every heated debates on the ethical perspective. All these points are pushed further into reality as the ability of ChatGPT and now GPT4 has amazed the whole world.

While users were still playing around with GPT3 chat, exploring the tip of the iceberg, OpenAI revealed GPT4 LLM, which not only can “read” the texts you type, but can also “See” and “Understand” the images you type in. you give it. Better trained, better powered in terms of data, and more efficient in terms of processing input data all at once, this started the race to build more AI-powered tools that can do a breach in the computer universe that we know. of as such.

One such tool is Pico’s MetaGPT. This powerful, no-code solution for building apps takes all the wait out of the park.

Simply put, this web service allows you to create other web applications without any prerequisite of any coding language or, indeed, any technical experience.

Anything you can imagine, you can build. It just asks you what you want to develop, then asks the user what prompts you want, then based on the prompt what you want to do with it and what actions you want to take. Once fed with this information, it can generate a web application for the same. Pico claims he can understand all the major languages โ€‹โ€‹of the world, so language locality as a barrier to interacting with the app is gone for good. It generates the app for which they provide hosting and a shareable URL for others to try out what you’ve created. We tried it here, and it seems quite relevant.

MetaGPT is highly customizable, allowing you to iterate any changes you wish to incorporate. These iterations can be anything from a design change to a bug fix.

Users love this solution so far. The project is not only fascinating, but Pico’s MetaGPT also solves a crucial problem: fueling proof-of-concept-driven use and research with the interaction of these LLMs, as the world is aware of the market. OpenAI’s GPT plugins as an attempt to build an extension marketplace powered by GPT engines, a business model quite similar to the play store or apple store we all use regularly. Although it seems like quite a lucrative solution, currently due to the hype of these models there is a long waiting list and very limited access to any general user which is kind of a setback for the ML/AI tech enthusiasts who want to push the model to better understand how it works.

Projects led by the developer community that have taken advantage of the OpenAI slack to learn more about deploying GPT-powered APIs have created amazing projects such as AutoGPT, which have accelerated the craze and shifted the focus of LLMs GPT to such projects which integrate these LLMs in a better and useful way.

The delay in the launch of OpenAI’s GPT4 multimodality feature is creating more and more space in this area, which adds to the research and development of such projects, improves applications based on current capabilities and expands the horizon by introducing new use cases.

With GPT engines in play, communities involved in rapid development and the thirst to improve, to “understand” and interpret a “use case” more effectively, the boundary between artificial reality and real reality thins exponentially. The widespread awareness of these technologies and the buzz they create raises some concrete concerns about the use of these advanced models, but at the same time instills an age-old human nature, curiosity. Curiosity about how far we can go and how much more we can accomplish.

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